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01-07-2010, 10:51 PM
Hello gamers!
I looking to play d&d, as ether a player or dm. I've been playing for many years and love d&d. I'm willing to play other games. But I have every d&d 3rd Ed book ( mostly on PDF ) so don't see why that won't make for a great game.

Any way I love roleplaying and have been wasting tons of time on x live.

If at all interrested send me a reply I veiw this site at least twice a week.

Vlad Taltos
01-08-2010, 09:39 AM
Hello My name is Jerry. I have been running an ongoing 3.5 game for years in my home in Garfield NJ.We have 3 permenant players that make every game and 6 other players that come in and out of the game as thay can.Im looking for 1 more permanent mature player to make every game.The party is now 15th level in a Forgotten realms campaign.We play every other Sunday.We play on Full color battle maps that I create for each game and my collection of Figures is massive.If this sounds like a game you would be intrested in playing,send me an email at anitad10140@optonline.net and tell me a little more about yourself.Also what type of character you want to play and of course any questions you may have.I look forword to hearing from you until then be well and Happy Hunting~ J