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01-01-2010, 04:09 PM
Given the decided lack of a real setting provided in the D&D 4th edition materials, I am looking for a group of players to assist with a collaborative world-building project, to be followed by a game set in that world.

I have 3 players right now and would like to pick up two more. The game will be hosted in my home (which is in Tigard) where we have dice, dungeon tiles, miniatures and most of the 4e books.

If you are a fan of the RAW (Rules As Written) interpretation of gameplay, please don't apply. Our group prefers to work with the intent of the designers, instead of taking advantages of misprints, typos or unintentional loopholes to gain momentary advantages.

If you are an all-dice, all-the-time player, please don't apply. We prefer role-playing, in depth characters and character development. Interpersonal interactions between all of the characters are one of our focal points, and we like to try bringing the world to life.

We try to avoid metagaming at every turn. This means that a character doesn't get to 'join the party' just because you're sitting at the table with us. Everyone is responsible for creating a person that could be associated with the other people.

Some of the beauty in collaborative world-building is that, since everyone gets a hand in the project, everyone owns the world. This isn't going to be -my- world. This will be -our- world. My group and I are still fairly new to PDX and we need more friends. Come join us for some good times and adventure.


01-02-2010, 06:24 AM

I read the description of your campaign and it sounds interesting. What day were you thinking about having your game on?

Myself, I too am a relatively recent transplant to Oregon. I moved here about a year ago. I am 37 year old happily married gamer who has been playing RPGs for more than twenty years. I too enjoy world-building more than mindless mayhem, roleplaying more than senseless violence. I have not yet gotten to actually play in a 4th edition campaign of any length and would love a chance to actually play.

I am rarely on this forum any more and can perhaps be better reached at:

gdmcbride (at) hotmail (dot) com

Gary McBride