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12-24-2009, 12:56 PM
here are some new listings for jobs.

Im looking for partners in a venture to the village of Kemmin. The standard deals apply, every survivor gets an equal share of the loot. I will supply additional details to those who decide to join the expedition.

Brave souls to travel to the town of Falling Rock to see if the mines are still viable and to investigate the town itself to see if it can be made inhabitable. I will pay a base of 100 gold to go. There can be bonuses applied if we encounter significant danger.
You should be able to eat off the land and be willing to travel through mines and endure some hardships.

I am in need of stalwart companions to explore at the least the entrance of the tunnel to see if it can be opened and possibly explored down to the enclave of Gimbelarr. I am looking for those who just desire the possible adventure as I am not able to provide any funds at this time.
Buri Sharpespike