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Engineer Doramos
12-20-2009, 08:52 AM
At the point of time of this writing, just before new years of 2010, I have been going back over an old project that I stopped doing about three or four months ago. When I stopped, it was pretty much a complete system in regards to character creation and rules for actions, but I hadn't finished the setting material as much as I had desired to at that point, even though it is very detailed. Now I am going over that draft which originated from a series of game design attempts over the past several years, correcting myriad minor things and even making a few major improvements. The game itself is all human, in a world that in many ways is drawn from our own Earth, but is also very different in its fantastical nature. The time that best parallels the technology level of this world is the early Colonial Age. There are gunpowder weapons, but they take forever to reload. Galleons carry settlers from highly populated 'civilized' lands to new territories while avoiding ships from the Pirate Kingdoms. But the setting is not eurocentric automatically, and you can make characters such as tribal witch doctors, mongol horsemen, or ninjas. The magic, psychic, and spiritual/religious atmosphere is inspired from my own studies of historical mysticism, but does depart enough from actual reality to be exciting. The rules have been tested with a non-gamer friend and he seemed to catch on quick to them, so they must not be too hard to understand as long as the players are exposed step by step, as I use very different dice methods than most games as well as a different approach the whole level system which typically leads to infinite inflation of power, which in my experience makes it very hard on the referee at higher levels. My system is more like a parabolic curve which starts out at a fast rate of increase and then eventually levels out, at least in terms of raw numerical power. Players can still develop other skills however once one type of path is maxed out. But these technical aspects are just the vehicle for getting to what is really important to me: making an interactive exciting fun story by improvising with a few other experimentally minded gamers.

I'm an older gamer. I started playing when I was eleven in 1980. Even from the very beginning I tended to make my own game systems, some of which worked pretty good and my friends enjoyed those versions, but I would always think of some new idea then change the whole system eventually. The past five or six years or so I have been trying to pin down a really good system and setting which I think I might have found, but I need role players. The game isn't designed to be absolutely power gamer proof because I wanted real role players to have options, but is still balanced if min maxers don't ruin the fun.

It is going to take me a while to edit the game with all the edits I have found already and not had the time to do. However, it seems logical to me that I should post this because the game is actually usable at this point to the extent that you can make a full character, and I would prefer to spend some time assembling a group rather than rush and get a bunch of people who aren't really committed. I prefer to run medium length to shorter sessions rather than to take up an entire day gaming, because I'm just not a teenager anymore, but once a week mostly would work best, because there are always schedule conflicts making gaming once every two weeks result in loss of story momentum. Also, if the characters are made slowly while waiting for other suitable players, I can design the campaign to better suit your starting personality and background. If you are interested in what I've described here, feel free to either post a reply, or send a private message. My weeknights are mostly free, as are my weekends after 11 am, but I have a semi-concrete obligation on Saturday which ties me up til about 3 or later (if I really need to though I can change this with little difficulty). In my profile I only made Wednesday nights free during the weekdays, but I guess that could be any weekday night as long as I'm not gaming more than two sessions a week.