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Chris House
12-18-2009, 09:49 PM
Campaigne starting up

Dungeons and Dragons

Campaign; the Bridge to all worlds

Background ; Children and young adults are transported to the realm of the known world, and Transformed into heroes from there own Game of Dungeons and Dragons, To help an secretly exiled Outer plane Sorceress now trapped on earth return to her beloved home land. Little dos she or her young Heroes realize that they are being set up in a game of Law verse Chaos, the prize is the realms its self and the ability to open a permanent bridge to all worlds.

Outside Rheksus/ Evenal
The group gathers at Prestos Foster moms house for a regular Saturday night game of Dungeons and Dragons, Prestos mom is Ms Emily Gray a Teacher at the local high school.
She ask the players if they would like to start a new campaign this week call the Bridge to all worlds, she thinks they would have more fun then continuing with there old campaign, sense they where just wrapping that one up. She passionately encourages them with a bargain that if they do not like the first few hours of the new campaign they can return to the old one.
As every one settles into there seat at the gaming table Ms Gray start Describing the setting, Presto is nerves and fidgety as Ms Gray is his Foster mother, and he has seen her busy all week working in on the game and making unusual preparations around the room and on the floor just under the table.
littlle did he know that would be the last night he or his gaming group would be spending on Earth!

Chris House
12-22-2009, 07:28 PM
the kids came across and found they had some magic items planted there for them, I well post the characters stat and stuff later.
the group wondered around the city and I am useing the world of Aereth, from Classic dungeon Crawl.
Hank brown 15 year old earth kid now male a ranger
Eric Donaldson 15 year old earth kid Male now a Fighter
Shelia Campbell 14 year old earth kid female rogue
Dianna Davis 14 year old earth kid FEMALE Monk
Terri Aimes 1o year old earth kid Female Psion
Albert "presto" Gray 12 year old earth kid Male Wizard
all transformed into seventh level classes
uni the unicorn compainion of Hanks
Amber fiery dragon familier of Presto
the city info
Rheksus: (Small city, pop. 16,745) Evenal (small city pop 12,700
Further down the Akhneten River is the city of Rheksus, located at the feet of the Mountains of the Fifth Prince. Rheksus is home to many silver and copper mines, which worm their way deep below the mountains. It is also as a center for Xa Deshretís trade routes, with an impressive port that acts as a central link between the Lostlands and the civilized world. Because there are few nalvor miners to extensively work the many older Khonsurian mines, the hills surrounding the city are rife with bandits and thieves seeking to exploit the available riches. Many of the bandits are drow and derro from the Devilís Cauldron. The imperial roads outside of Rheksus are extremely dangerous, making passage by boat the only safe way in and out of the city.

Dungeon master notes: < changes to current text as of game date>
The City of Rheksus or Reksus has been expanded into a second city across the Akhneten River, the ancient ruins that resided there where recently explored, and plundered by a party of Adventures Called the white star company. There the Party of Adventures found an under ground Pyramid with ancient Khonsurian power Artifacts, besides wealth and many nasty traps buried with in the Pyramid, it in and of its self was a artifact that was activated and expelled a huge energy that totally reassembled and brought fourth from the lost sands the ancient ruins of the city Evenal and renewed the older City of Rheksus. At first the Nalvor thought the Great Sphinx had returned, the entire city was stammered, but with in a few days once all realized that there where not Great Sphinx to behold, the Adventuring company surfaced from the buried Pyramid and revealed that they had snuck into the ruins looking for Treasure and
after many threats and a few uncomfortable confrontations, A settlement was reached, and the Party could leave in peace and with coin and a few unique items, but the rest was to remain with the City, the new section was names Evenal. Emissaries and caste of the word flocked to the new section to explore and cataloged all the new buildings and artifacts. The Ancient Pyramid was sealed for fear of other more deadly powers it might contain and covered back up where a shrine was erected, to guard its passage below and to praise the Ancient Sphinx who was once its Guardian. Some suspect that the Dead Sphinx found in one of the lower levels may have been killed by the party of adventurers and though the party know as the white star
Company where generous with their treasure and accommodating with their knowledge of the pyramid, as well as their maps, it is thought that the Steward had issue a death decree upon there heads, other fear a curse was placed upon them, but no one has seen the party sense, some say they have a headquarters in Freeport. While others claim they all died from their curse or Assassins hands.

Both Cities are now twins cities of the River Akhneten and restored to past glory.
The street are all paved in Granit and the building covered in marble. There is a master worked Obsiden And marble Bridge that spans the River more then half a mile long and arching more then 120 feet in height, its glories covered walk ways of marble and hard paved streets allow five wagons to drive across side by side, and the tallest ship mast can barely come with in 20 feet of touching its underway high spring tide. In Evenal there is now an Academy of Wizardry filled with books and Treasures gained from the pyramid. A Grand bath house rest to the north of the town, and all the plumbing is underground with each building supplied with a pump and fountain. Underground sewers and public Fountains run continually from the river, clean as if magically blessed and purified.
It is said any one who drinks well enjoy health and strong teeth.
Recently a game Master has come to Rheksus and Evenal, sense word had reached them in Dejeser Al-Moqqara of the new and bright Arena that stood in the Center of the new raised Evenal, Game Master Ledjess Trommel Half Elf and former Bard manages on behalf of the citizens a Circus and Gladiator Show every week. All though the Citizens are not as Blood thirsty as those in Distant Dejese Al-Moqqara , The Fighting is usually first blood or first wound, or unarmed matches of skill and Acrobatics. Once a year a travelling troupe of performers of wayfarers arriving called the midnight Circus, this band of performers of singers and acrobatics both ground trapeze and Flight, is a wonder to behold and sense the arena Can hold more then 50,000. the Circus even pulls people from far towns and villages, even the miners make a holiday of the arrival.
Game Master Ledjess Trommel is said to bearly break even on the affair, but other suspect Game master Ledjess Trommel of being a member of the slave society, and think more is going on then is being let on too.
The weekly Show cost 10 coppers for small children 1 silver for older children and 2 silver for adults for one evening high seating area, mid seating is 10 silver a person , A special booth is with private seats and servants is 50 gold per person.
During the Midnight Circus which happens at midnight and takes enormous amount of magic lighting and other special effect is triple in cost to patrons.

Orkhon II steward of Xa Deshret is said to have taken a Villa in Evenal and even prominent senators and other word cate come here for the seasonal shows at the circus and to study at the academy. Some even say that the Academy Rivals the legendary Imperial Libraries of Khonsuria, which are reputed to contain the rarest and oldest books in the world, some of which date back to the Age of Dragons.

Because of the magnificent events and wealth the City has drown because of its attractions and mines, the caste of the Hand has increased its presence in the area and decreased the banditry and drow raids on the mines.

Senator Mayyadah.has been assign Governing of the town for the Senate, and steward, she has brought her whole family along with her, included is her Brothers children, a young niece and Nephew, Tellore and Tighler Twins of a very mischievous
Nature. Rumors abound of their mischief and punishments, as both seem near Determined to become performers them selves, or rogues depending on whom you talk to in the house hold. Their 13th Birthday draws near and it is said Meub is promised by Game master Ledjess Trommel a Grand performance on their behalf from the Circus.

the group payed for a reserved suit at the midnight circus, from the Prist of the goddess of magic as a fund raiser, and the Group arrived at the suit with a huge balcony over looking the arena, when A Minon of Vengers named shadow demon
Set up a trap for them, the party fought of the demon and the creature he was summoning in just the neck of time as presto pulled forth from his hat of winder a spot lamp, and flooded the are with aillumination,
to be continued