View Full Version : Exton: City in Chaos / Emor: City in Pain

12-18-2009, 01:59 PM
(First of all, this is more of an urban fantasy. I can't choose both Modern and Fantasy.

Also, since this is new, the time is tentative. I don't really have a good place to play, so if anyone else knows a good place, I'd like to hear it

I've added quite a few invites here, so if my schedule fills up, I may close some of the invites down.)

Exton had been taken over by a group known as God's Army. The group has been taken out years ago, but the removal had left a huge gap. Other organizations have jumped in, and tried to take advantage of the vaccum. Using powers from the shadow dimension, has given them a huge boost. The government has decided to extend the Vigilante system that helped stop God's Army. Choosing the Exton side puts you as one of these hirelings, going up against a new organization's threat. This is the sort-of "Good" side.

On the Emor side, Emor has had problems with Exton. It feels as if Exton is hiding something from it, and demands it hand over what it's hiding. Emor has begun recruiting criminals from Exton prisons.

You are one of those prisoners. Break out of prison and go to freedom. This is the "Evil" side.

The group will have to vote on which side they want to be on. There'll be time to play the other side later on.

I'm going to test out new classes (Like the Soldier, Bodyguard, Techie, Doctor, Personality, Gunslinger, and Infiltrator). I want to see how well ranged defenders would work, and how firearms would affect the game.

EDIT: I don't have the schedule anymore, so I'm closing most of my invites for now.