View Full Version : "December 7th 1941, a date that will live in infamy"

12-07-2009, 10:19 AM
This is the 68th anniversary of Pearl Harbor where Japaneses forces bombed American ships in harbor. Almost 2400 lives were lost, both military and civilian, and almost 1200 were injured. As they day goes on one should think about how this lead the United States into a war that they were desperately needed in. Theories abound on both side of whether Roosevelt knew or not. This was a day of great tragedy that mobilized a nation. They actions sparked our land into action and we went forth to fight those who brought death and carnage to the world. Our actions were both noble and valiant and were possible because Japan acted so villainous. One could say we needed this, the world needed this, and they would be right.

It is hard to imagine that a President could know of such a thing and not stop it as some would decry, but the thought must also be put forward. if the attack was stopped and the Triparte Powers could go unchecked as they wanted how many more would have died. If the Axis had more time to close their fist on the world what would have be the total cost. If the United States acted when Germany rolled into Poland how many millions would still be alive if we strove onward. It is one thing to blame a man for his actions long after he is dead but should they also be looked upon for what they helped do?

There is no evidence of conspiracy and that should be remember. What has happened has happened. Others believe that Roosevelt prodded the Japanese to attack us and think he is to blame. There is but one fact, we did not bomb ourselves, WE were attacked cowardly. They acted without honor, which is shameful because of their culture. Of course a lot of the actions the forces from Nippon committed during this time was horrifying it should be noted they did what they thought was right. As did we.

On this day take a moment to reflect on what happened and all those lost, think of the 128 million lives lost during this war and hope, nay pray this shall not happen again.