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11-29-2009, 01:26 AM
My current table top group has started a new game recently and we're looking for the possible addition of a 5th player if we can find the right fit. We play DnD 4E, a combat heavy and story heavy game. We play a bi-weekly game, every 2 weeks, starting at noon and going until around 10pm but sometimes midnight. Here is what we're looking for!

Someone who can commit to showing up on time and staying for the full session, no missing sessions without an emergency! We understand sometimes life rears it's ugly head and you have to do something else that day but damn if it doesn't suck. An empty seat at the table tends to mess up my game.
Be able to role-play. If you can't stay in character then this game is not for you, there is a lot of combat but it's always for a reason, story is king here.
Commitment! I can't stress this enough, we are only interested in people who have time to play and WANT to be there.
Be laid back. We curse a lot, we joke, we have fun, but we also know when to get down to business.
We're looking for someone interested in taking up a striker or controller role in the group. Right now we have a Paladin, Cleric, Avenger, and Invoker, we have sort of a holy hit squad thing going on.

The game is set in a custom world, so there are special rules to writing up a character. If you're interested toss me a PM telling me a bit about yourself, why you want to join, and what you're interested in playing. Right now our group dynamic works really well but we wouldn't mind having another person, however we don't NEED another person so we're going to be really picky about who we let join in.

NOTE: This game has nothing to do with my Monday online game, in case you are part of that game and are reading this post!

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03-18-2010, 01:26 AM
Are you still looking for another person to play? I have about 3 years of 3.5 playing and I dont know anything about 4E... If your willing to teach a little of the core rules at what nots, than Im the man for you!

06-20-2013, 11:21 AM
hello im a new d&d player but i live very close to you guys so i can get to the games no problem and i am totally free do to summer vacation and i can commit to the games every saturday but i might need to create a character for your campaign seeing that i do not have one at the moment. so if you guys are okay with me joining send me a message or text and we can rough out the details, and i hope to see you in a world of epic adventures and fantasies which may or may not include crazy old guys that turn out to be evil necromancers trying to screw up your day.