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11-26-2009, 07:50 PM
Titanicus, is the latest Warhammer 40K book. And normally I love the Ghosts but I found as I was reading the novel I had to do a lot of "game" research to understand what the heck was going on and I find that most Daniverse novels are not like that.
Suffice it to say it was a okay book but...not in the league of a regular Daniverse novel.
Now, to get to my point. I used to play 40K but stopped over twenty years ago but kept up with Dan's books because he was a great storyteller. I read the Book of Five Rings novels but was unimpressed with explaining that side of D&D. The D&D novels I have read have been well hit and miss and remind me of Star Wars (see my point later on that). I play Battletech but not Mechwarrior Dark Age but I kept buying/reading the books but eventually stopped because the writing became as bad as the typical Star Wars novel that made no sense.
1. Am I the only one who reads the books but does not play the game?
2. Am I the only one that is just not able to read the poorly written stories pumped out by the companies in an effort to flood the market?
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Here is link to a review that disagrees with me. And that's okay: