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08-14-2006, 03:34 PM
Check out this new article Fan Pro posted on Fri, 28 Jul 2006 21:13:48 +0000:

Shockwaves in English ? Free Download! (http://www.shadowrunrpg.com/wordpress/?p=134)

Shockwaves (Schockwellen) was first published by FanPro Germany as a German-language product only, and now we have a free summary translation available — 18 pages discussing the history of the elusive megacorp Proteus AG! This free download (http://www.shadowrunrpg.com/resources/downloads/fanpro_shadowrun_shockwaves.pdf) has tons of plot hooks for the crafty GM, usable with both SR4 and SR3.
Big thanks to Anthony Bruno, Lars Blumenstein, and James Meiers for helping out with the translation and editing!
http://shadowrunrpg.com/gfx/covers/shockwaves.jpg (http://www.shadowrunrpg.com/resources/downloads/fanpro_shadowrun_shockwaves.pdf)