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11-18-2009, 10:33 PM
Looking to expand on ideas. If you're one of my players, you can leave now (I'm pretty sure none of my players are on this site but you never know).

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Ok, now that they're gone :)

We have a game day next Tuesday. In the morning, one of the group will be running Hollow Earth Expedition which sounds like a lot of fun. I'm slated to run Deadlands Reloaded however I'm doing a little bait and switch.

See, I like All Flesh Must Be Eaten but it's a hard game to prep for. Once players know what the game is, the mindset changes and they regroup to defend against Zombies!

I've come up with a sequence of events for Tuesday that fits in with today's events.

Sequence of Events Starts Saturday:

Nov 21: Flu symptoms start at the Farmer's Market on Airport, Saturday morning. By Saturday night 40 people have reported flu symptoms to local health care folks. 4 people die.

Nov 22: Churches are the next source of the flu. Of the approximately 80 churches in the city limits, 20 of them have significant membership (approximately 300 people) reporting in to local health care professionals with the flu. Doctors determine it's H1N1 and start inoculations. 30 people die.

Nov 23: Local businesses are reporting workers out sick in high numbers. Grocery stores are the next focus point as people panic and rush to stock up. General call for people who aren't sick to report to their family doctors to get H1N1 shots or just stay home.

Nov 24: Starts hitting the local news. Hundreds dead, more hospitalized. Local clinics and hospitals are turning away patients. Call for more H1N1 vaccine to be flown in. Governor Ritter calls out the National Guard to close the roads in and out of Longmont at 6pm.

The Dead Begin To Walk

I have one other person (Wendy) in on the change mainly because she won't be there during the day and will be coming up specifically for the night game. I didn't want to switch on her only to find out she doesn't like it or wants to play Deadlands much more than All Flesh. She's good with it and will help with the sequence of events.

Monday night I'll e-mail the group and joke about the number of people who are calling in sick to keep from going to work "bunch of scaredy-cats afraid of a little flu" but I will also suggest folks bring their own food and drink since the grocery stores are a little light due to the stocking up.

Next, during the day Tuesday my wife will come down a couple of times with the news about the clinics and the hospital. I've suggested that Wendy text one of the players (Jon) about "what's going on in Longmont" and "is it safe to come up for the game" during the day.

At 6 when Wendy arrives, she'll comment on seeing the National Guard parked on the side of the road just outside the city limits and the news about the sickness over the radio.

About 10 minutes later, my wife will come down one last time with the news that the roads are closed and will hand me my All Flesh books and the game will start.

I plan on having a couple of articles from the local paper with the various bits of news from above with a bit more detail. Wendy is also going to be a survivalist with a fairly detailed map of Longmont with the hospitals, pawn shops, and cemetaries mapped out and a suggestion to head for the hills to the west.

I think I have a pretty good plan for coming up with this last night. So now I'm looking for suggestions on providing more information, what good shops might be good to head for for supplies for example. Especially heading for the mountains in the winter.

The Dead Are Walking



11-20-2009, 06:41 PM
Ah, lots of views but no comments.

Going to gin up some articles for the local paper. Then there's a spoken bit in the core book. I think I'll use my iPhone and create something similar for the group to find.

I've figured out the Zombies. There'll be two types. The first will be normal Zombies; shambling about. The second will interact with the vaccine so the zombies will be quick.

I figure it'll be based on blood type. People who have B or AB blood type turn into Zombies. People with AB blood type will turn into fast ones.

So 10% zombify, and 10% of those turn into fast ones.

It'll be the same for the bites. So many people will just die but some will continue on as the undead.


11-21-2009, 03:47 PM
The game sounds interesting and I've thought about similar ways for getting my players to create characters not tailored to the zombie end of the world scenario before. Or even just a straight horror game but have never taken it any further than just thinking about it.

You've thought of some really interesting props and hope the game is fun for both you and your players.

I see you forgot one blood type, what about the O people?:D

11-21-2009, 08:08 PM
The breakdown for Blood Types (which is the key to zombification) is:

Type O - Contains both Anti-A antibodies and Anti-B antibodies.
Type A - Contains Anti-B antibodies
Type B - Contains Anti-A antibodies
Type AB - Contains neither antibodies.

Type O - Anti-A and Anti-B nullify the vaccine and nothing happens.
Type A - The Anti-B does nothing and the vaccine works normally.
Type B - Anti-A reacts with the vaccine, people die and reanimate as shamblers.
Type AB - No antibodies to interfere with the vaccine so folks turn into fast zombies.

Folks bit by zombies follow the same. O folks are only wounded and when killed, simply die. A folks bit by zombies die from the bite but don't reanimate. Folks who don't have Anti-B antibodies turn into one of the two zombies with just a bite.

I was checking the blood type distribution to find a rough 10% infection rate and checked wikipedia. I found the Anti-A/Anti-B description. The percentages for the US worked perfectly. So roughly 10% of victims turn into zombies and 4% turn into runners.


11-23-2009, 08:23 AM
O folks are only wounded and when killed, simply die.


Wooohooo, I don't have to worry about comin back as a stencher!:lol:

Seriously, interesting concept to work from for your game.