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11-18-2009, 02:51 PM
I'm planning on putting together a group after the New Year to adventure in the world of Conan. I haven't decided on a system yet, but there are 3 likely candidates.

DND E6: Dungeons and Dragons 3.5, advancing to level 6. After level 6 characters gain 1 extra feat every 5,000 exp. The advantages of this system is everyone knows how to play, so no learning curve. The disadvantage is that magic is a little flashy for the genre.

Conan D20 E6: The D20 based Conan RPG, following the same 6 level format. The advantages are that it's already tailor made for adventuring in the setting and has meaty combat rules. The disadvantage is there's a bit of a learning curve for spellcasters, and playing a wizard is more difficult due to a lack of flash-bang power.

Alternity: The old Alternity game system for those who remember it. The advantages are the ability to create realistic characters without class limitations and a far more realistic hit point system. The disadvantages are a steep learning curve (though it's simple once you get it) and the need for heavy house-ruling.

I also don't have a game location set up, my apartment is unsuitable for gaming. I'm thinking of the possibility of playing at Pop Culture Paradise. If anyone's interested send me a pm.