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11-18-2009, 11:15 AM
Anybody up fpr some D&D Forgotten Realms online using rptools a and voice chat progam? I have never Dmed online before but i'm willing to give it a shot. I do not wish to be the only DM. If you only wish to be a player do not reply. I would like to play weekly then have a byweek every fourth week. A few small game sessions would be good to work out the bugs in gameplay on rptools (1 or 2) players. The first session would be taking care of some tech hurdles like conection, player vs DM vision blockers, voice chat, and some background music/sound effects.
So you know a little bit about me. I have DM for a 3.5 group for about 2 years. I have played some online gaming useing rptools as a player. My typing skills suck, sorrey I did not grow up in a world of IM's and text therefor I would like to use a voice chat program to comunicate in real time. I do have several game books on FR and have read some FR novels. The game setting will start in Cormyr 1st lvl players that will quickly move up to 4th lvl. At the start it's more likly to be 75%combat, 25% rollplay till the game gets settled in. All mat. like prestige classes will be from core rule books and FR play books, so if you want to play a nija or robot this is not for you. Newbies are welcome as long as you are commited to the game. I'm willing to teach as well as learn. If this sounds like something you want to get into summit a reply with the class you would like to play as well as your exp with D&D and FR.

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