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11-17-2009, 12:00 AM
Glascow is the capital of Haverstan. It has a population of 27,000 and is divided by the Sambre River. The city itself is divided into 5 wards and the government center sits on a island in the center of the river. Riverside, which is the poor quarter sits on both sides of the river and although there are retaining walls that have been built over the years, It still floods during heavy rain years.
Trooptown lies on the east side of the river and contains the kingdoms troops during part of the rotation. Harkers lies to the north of Trooptown and is the home to the upper class of the city. On the Westside is the temple district and the merchant sections of Grenfeld.
There are three bridges that cross the river. The north and south ones are for the public but do not land on the kings island. The Kings island bridge, the eastern span is in troop town and the western side is the Temple district. The approaches are protected by troops
The king of Haverstan is Harold Staffwild, the hereditary ruler 5th generation and is considered by all to be a just and fair king. The land has been at peace since he took rule from his father who passed away.