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11-16-2009, 04:43 PM
Incognita is a custom campaign for 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons. The game is set in a world that largely parallels our own, though it differs in three important ways.

The first difference is historical. Christianity remains a minor Judean sect, and the people of Europe retain their native polytheistic religions. Players are limited to human characters at first, but each must choose an ethnicity and background from the Old World at a time that roughly corresponds with the year 1000.

Secondly, our parallel word differs geographically. Though the Old World is roughly identical to our own, the New World differs dramatically. The location of the various new lands, along with their shape and native peoples will be revealed to the players during the course of the campaign.

Finally, our game world differs metaphysically. Magic is real, though not quite commonplace. Most any class drawn from WotC published books and supplements are allowed, so long as the player can place the class in context in this mythical yet historical world.

Exploration, colonization and conquest will be major themes of this game. We'll be using an accelerated leveling system, and a lot of game time will pass between sessions. Currently, we'll play every other Saturday at the Central Public Library in downtown Kansas City.