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11-15-2009, 02:15 PM
Tyche was most kind to me to help me find some fine compatriots that were able me to find and relieve an old temple of that foul deity Cyric of some of its wealth. Asgar the straight forward and noble warrior, Tet the priest of Mystra, Ynaria the winsome rogue and Nora the sorcereress. Tyche was smiling as we had that many half elves and elves in a party.
We left on a cold and clear day; we made good time until the sharp ears of the elves heard something. We left the trail and followed a new trail. Tyche finally blessed me enough to hear the chiming noises. As we entered a clearing, we spotted a tall stone in the center. It was noticed that there were armor parts hanging from the stone. Asgar and Nora went forward to check out the stone. Tet and I hung back a bit. Ynaria looked around and noticed that the chimes were bones that were hanging in the tree.
A yell from Asgar and a clanging sound alerted me. Asgar had somehow become stuck to the stone and Ynaria and Nora noticed something in the trees. Nora was most unfortunate and was struck by a net. Tyche blessed my sight and I saw the creature in the trees. I knew that I must aid my companions and rushed to the creature drawing its attention to me to give the others the chance to finish it. My faith in Tyche was such that I felt that I would be fortunate. The beast dropped a net on me and I went down.
The beast came down and I could see its fetid breath in the cold air. Tyche was with me though as I was saved through the action of my comrades and the beast was soon dead.
The next day we came upon the walls of the temple. We spied the kobolds on the walls mostly by their spear tips as they seemed to be sleeping. Tyche blessed us as we snuck up to the walls and pushed the door open. We went in and fought the beasts, several of my comrades were injured but we prevailed and found a new friend. His name is Riter , he was also a fighter who was unfortunate in that his party had been ambushed and two of his party were killed. He was made prisoner as well as another whom we discovered later. Tet and I ministered to his wounds and brought him back to fighting strength.
We entered the temple and found that the beasts were ready for us. They had a female elf as a shield in front of some of them who we later figured out that were the leader types for the tribe. Tyche abandoned all sides in that fight, nobody could hit anything but eventually our superior armor prevailed in the fight and we won. Nora had released the female who was named Ashene. She was the other survivor of the ambush.
We did a simple check of the early part of the temple. I was bored and leaned against a wall and found that Tyche blessed me. I had found a passage. We went down the passage and found that we found what appeared to be the head of the temple and his assistantís offices. Riter and Asgar were unfortunate and fell into a pit. We found goods and decided on press on.
We returned to the main entry area and moved further into the temple. Ynaria heard something like footsteps running away. It turned out that we had killed all the males in the kobold tribe and that the females were protecting their young. Tet spoke the beastís languages and we allowed them passage out of the temple. Riter was not happy about that.
We came into what appeared to be the indoctrination room. It was difficult for me to look at. The scenes of how to murder and types of murder were disturbing as were the instruments of torture.
All that paled when we entered the temple room. The walls were covered in skulls and we could all hear whispering sounds not completely audible. This unnerved Asgar, and Nora who fled. We searched the altar and ynaria found a trap which she disabled. We found the book of the dead, the Cyric bible and a sickle. Tet opened up the book and I could see that he was possessed. Tyche gave me enough strength to tackle him and hold him down until the others could subdue tet.
We are back now, having divided all the items except for the long sword found in the meadow, the sickle in the temple and the book. I am adamant about taking the book back to my temple to be hidden away. I will probably give up my share to convince the others that the book is a bad thing to be allowed In the open.