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11-13-2009, 07:17 PM
there will be job listings for the next game. You need to pick which you will wish to do. there will be more a little later.

I am looking for associates to travel with me to the village of Kemmin in order to recover an item for my order. I am afraid I cannot offer much in recompense except for the gratitude of my order.


My name is Cedric and I am a priest of Oghma and I am putting together a expedition to Tellin. Our records indicate that there was a temple located there.
The town is as far as we know deserted. I must claim any items that may be left in the temple but I am not adverse to letting any who assist in this adventure in liberating other items.


Hello my fellow adventurers:
I recently found my ancestors diary, He was a soldier in the employ of one of the witchkings. He was stationed at an an outpost within a cave in the mountains of chimorrow. In his diary he says that that one night near the end, a group came in and secreted a chest within the outpost. The outpost was attacked forcing the soldiers out. My ancestor tried to find the chest but was unsuccessful and eventually gave up. The diary disappeared in his effects and was stored away. I found it recently and am looking to see if the story is true.
I will not promise anything except that I will carry my part out in any expedition. If you are interested ask skrit to point out Jed to you.