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Firgof Umbra
11-09-2009, 12:11 AM
- Players start at level 4
- Custom Races/Paths/Monsters
- Detailed Worldspace and Campaign
- Low(ish) Magic
- Players only need casual experience with Fantasycraft or have played a fair deal in another similar system (Dungeons and Dragons 3.5, etc.) to quickly grasp the basic mechanics of the combat system and character creation.
- Game will typically run from early afternoon (noonish) to late evening (10 PM to as late as 1 AM)

About the game:
The game takes place in a world where a diverse Pantheon of Gods and Goddesses control the world and its functions. Followers of those Gods and Goddesses often receive no direct benefits but some do and may even be visited directly depending on the God or Goddess they worship. Magic is a known but difficult to control force and artifacts employing its power are often expensive to manufacture and found under the lock and key of their owners. Monolithic structures and ancient cities dot the world, retaining their mysterious former powers and technology but are commonly viewed as 'forbidden places' that are dark, dangerous, and toxic to all who enter them. Adventurous persons of all ages and races explore the world, shrugging off the labors of their homeland to forge their own path and riches in the expansive world beyond; often becoming captains of ships, commanders of small guilds, powerful and mysterious arcanists, and leaders of small armies.

The world has recently 'expanded' with the discovery of a large island in the northern part of the world that is vast in scale and vibrant in unique flora and fauna; much of it remains unexplored and unknown but is alive with curious creatures, ancient civilizations, and dark places of power and forgotten technology left behind by a great civilization which reigned thousands of years ago before recorded history began. Enterprising explorers, merchants, would-be Kings, pirates, thieves, vagabonds of all sorts, arcane magicians, and old and eccentric guilds have descended upon the new continent and all of them scour the lands for riches, power, and territory. It has been only one hundred years since the island was discovered and already territories have begun to firm in their permanence and relations with the natives of the island have become more fluid if not yet friendly. The wilds are still largely untamed by blade and plow and relations between the new territories are unsteady at best and openly hostile at worst. The economy, however, is bright and booming, exports from the island now commanding a great deal of the world's economy due to the sheer amount of exportable materials available, much of those controlled actively by the Sarin race.

Recently there has been a thick, heavy, smoke rising from the east of the city in which you reside. What is burning has not yet been determined but it is safe to assume it is neither wood or grass. The smoke has continued to gather for days on end and the young town of Leehman has become restless as the caravan due to arrive a week ago has not shown, delaying trade for essential foods and medicines meant to tide the town over for the winter. Worryingly, as the days continue onwards the sky continues to darken overhead and the plume of smoke shows no sign of weakening.

You will begin as a member of one of a given set of races, coming from whatever trade you wish, your origins tied either to the homelands of your genetic heritage or to an island of your choosing. You may be of any age or gender but it is suggested that you not be under the age of sixteen nor over the age of sixty. This campaign will reward the more altruistic but opportunities will arise for the greedy and wicked to act in line with their characters.

Whether assigned, bribed, or forced into service by the Mayor of Leehman, you find yourself as a member of a small expedition being sent to determine both what has caused the seemingly never-ending plume of black and red smoke and what has caused the caravans to cease; if they are separate at all. It will be a two week journey to the city which Leehman once traded with but it will be the start of an adventure which will last many months and suffer you through many perils; delivering you to an ultimatum of such stakes that the whole of the world would feel the ripples of the consequence of your final decision.

Where we're meeting:
This game will either take place at a friend's apartment or at a house; which it takes place at depends on when that house becomes available. When it does the game will meet there from that point forward. When this transition happens is somewhat in the air but could be as short as December or late as January. The sessions are not bound to when the house becomes available; the first session may be in as short as two weeks. There will likely be an introductory first session with (possible) system introduction, character building, world introduction, campaign introduction, and a 'kickstart' to the campaign which should last the rest of the session before we get into the real 'meat' of the campaign.

Would you like to know more?
More information on the world may be found at:
User Name (http://www.penandpapergames.com/forums/User Name)
Contact is preferred through either this thread, through Private Messages, or through the e-mail listed on my profile.

11-09-2009, 04:06 AM
Hmm, while I have been quite eager to play fantasy craft I find that the Tuesday time slot would be hard to meet. If that is the only option, the best I could promise would be to about 9pm. If it were on the weekend I could go until whenever.

Well, eitherway, hope to hear back from you.

Firgof Umbra
11-09-2009, 07:50 AM
I can also do Thursdays and calling the game at 9-ish could be arranged; how often would you be able to go until 9?

11-09-2009, 11:04 AM
Well, I'm a student is the main issue, my days open are Tuesday and the weekend. It was just a fluke of scheduling that I have tuesday open, and I usually use alot of it for labs and homework. When my quarter ends in 5 weeks, I doubt I'll have tuesdays open after the break.


11-11-2009, 02:20 AM
If you dont mind ending at 9, and the fact that I may have to quit in... 8 weeks, I'd like to play. a.godbehere.was.here at gmail.com