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11-07-2009, 08:06 PM
In the campaign I am currently co-DMing and playing in, we are enrolled in a Arcane University of a major city, whose founders were a group of wizards. Mainly the Circle of Eight, a throwback to early Greyhawk, and a nod to the founder of D&D G.Gygaz, the circle of eight basically were the first PCs ever of D&D. Hundreds of years have passed, and only Mordenkainen lives on, the circle of eight have passed to the afterlife, and replaced by a senate "Council of Mages" and a sort of judicial arm of governance the "Ministry of Magic".

In the campaign we are of low level (3rd essetially 1st, since one person has a half-fey race, and I took a bloodline) Enrolled in the arcane university, we've decided that all students benefit from a micro-world, controled by Illusions that deal subdule damage.

My question is? How would a charmer interact within the illusionary mini-world, and since a large portion of the Charmer's future prowess would involve enchanting creatures or Beings to do the front line work, how would that further interact in this setting? We have ideas and have been going forward with them, but just interested in hearing what others would do

11-09-2009, 12:04 PM
Normally illusions must be manipulated by their creator to seem real. But since your micro-world is controlled by illusions, well, it will probably be pretty stationary.

A charmer wouldn't have much fun in there. He'd have at least two options:
1) Walk around saying, "I'm charming This illusion," to let the illusion's creator know what it's supposed to do or...
2) Use Mordenkainen's Magical Illusion Charmer, which, as everyone knows, is a jester cap which, when worn, allows one's charm spells to affect illusions.

11-09-2009, 05:17 PM
I think in all honesty, the ones doing the illusions would also have some way of identifying spells via some eye piece, so they would know what spells are being used and can react appropiately. Even if the spell technically fizzled, they can still pretend it worked.

Problem... well, ok, charmer uses the spell, it fails, but he sees results. Is it just teaching the spellcaster how to fail?

Two real solutions. Use real monsters, or don't have enchanters in there sadly. And I think the resources required and all... said university would realistically use the latter option.

Enchanters might have better luck going to a bardic college for training instead of a mage school.