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11-04-2009, 09:15 PM
I've been trying to find a local group for awhile now, but our toddler has changed his sleeping routine, which means he's in bed for 8pm and hosting is back on the cards.

I am looking to form a group (or possibly 2, more on that later) for some good quality gaming.

I will start off by running a Conspiracy X campaign, but there are also several other games I can run.

Night/nights each week to be arranged as suits the players, playing time would be 8pm-Midnight.

I want to play at least once per week, but if I get players who want to play twice per week my wife and I are up for that too. Another option would be hosting two separate groups on different nights, with different games.
I have various things I can run for a second game/later game, and I'm open to playing things too. All I ask is no/very little D&D. There are already a bazzillion D&D groups :)

Ok, Conspiracy X. For a frame of reference, think the love child of X-Files and Supernatural. Aliens, conspiracy theories and the supernatural are all real, and someone needs to protect an ignorant populace.

Your character may be an FBI agent named after a small mammal, or a Navy Seal who was almost eaten by something science books say doesn't exist. Perhaps you test fly the latest alien/human fighter aircraft, or you guard a President who eats more flies than usual.

As well as your main career you are a member of an Aegis cell, brought together by a shadowy organization formed after the Roswell Crash, tasked with combating and researching the unknown, be it aliens, psychic powers or Bigfoot.

There is no Will Smith watching your back though, the Men in Black are anything but friendly, and there are human organizations that want you dead.

Step in to a world of shadows...

Anyone interested in this game, or maybe a sister game on a different night, drop me a line at: jekylls_guest@yahoo.com, or drop me a PM.

We are just off of where 720 joins 380 (Crossroads area) 12 miles East of Denton, to give you an idea of if the commute is worth it for you.

Hope to hear from you soon!

PS: All we ask is that you bathe, are 18+, have the minimal social skills needed for human interaction, aren't easily offended by stories of the supernatural or whatnot, and bring a sense of humor.

11-04-2009, 09:48 PM
Argh!!!! Wtb games closer to Ft Worth! =(

11-05-2009, 11:22 PM
/sigh/ I agree with Shikaku (in principle, anyway). I live in Allen, and it's just too far to drive for a regular game. I absolutely LOVE the world of Conspiracy X, though, and am very sad I'll have to turn this one down. :(

08-29-2010, 01:52 PM
Do you still play?