View Full Version : CA - Santa Monica/Culver City/South Bay

11-02-2009, 12:35 AM
We're looking for a couple players interested in joining an ongoing 4th Edition Paragon Level home campaign in the Santa Monica/Culver City/Los Angeles area.

Our group is fairly casual with players in the 25+ age group. We play on Friday evenings after 6PM and into the night. Game location is shared between players if they are capable of hosting. We rotate, if possible, between places in Culver City (10 fwy @ Robinson), Santa Monica (405 fwy @ Venice) or Gardena area (105/110 Fwy). If you're capable of hosting once in a while or every night that is a big plus!

Our DM is fair and likes to bring some of the old school into the new school. We play a fairly balanced game with 50/50 Combat/Role Play. We play with all official rule sources avaliable. If you can make it in the DDi character builder it's fine, but the DM has the final say. Most importantly, we play to have fun and enjoy the game for what it is.

If you're interested in joining send me a PM, but you can best reach me at hibiki54@gmail.com and I'll get you in contact with our DM so he can give you more info.

For those interested in current party make-up - all players at 15th level:
Dwarven Fighter/First Born of Moradin (Defender)
Human Invoker/Adroit Explorer (Controller)
Longtooth Shifter Hybrid Barb/Cleric/Favor Soul (wannabe Striker/Leader)

If you're interested in playing a dedicated Leader that is well versed in talking, you'll be our best friend :grouphug: