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01-25-2007, 12:29 PM
Hello all...I run a detailed Swords & Sorcery campaign near Flights/ZP that's a fair mix of 3.5 w/some AD&D overtones...yeah, I'm that old...currently its a game where roleplay vs/ rollplay is emphasized w/enough hack n'slash to make your short hairs stand up...Email/PM me here if you're interested...DJW
PS> Here's a taste...


The Hyborean Age is named for the Hyborean kingdoms, the pre-eminent powers of the age, which are the most culturally & technologically advanced lands on the planet that nigh bears their name, Hyborea, their kings’ thrones maintained through longbows, plate armour, & feudalism. These kingdoms make war against one another more often than against the real threats all around them, the wild Picts, raiding Ice & Snow northmen, recently civilized Gundermen & avaricious Hyrkanian nomads, as well as the dread sorceries of Stygia to the south & Hyperborean to the Northeast. Beyond Stygia & the plains of Koth & Shem lies the continent of Kush, black & unknown, a land of jungles & deserts; far to the east are more kingdoms, perhaps almost as a advanced as the Hyborean lands, but little more than legend: Vendhya the Sweet & Khitai the Mysterious are the most prominent. Gentle reader we shall not discuss the hidden wonders of Lemuria, or Mu or the Fabled Atlantis itself for that would invite the attention of the horrors that destroyed those once mighty lands down upon our own heads. No, we shall not discuss the Hither Moon of Wanderung, or the Eye of the Further Moon, or the glimpses of Hazardous Future Hyborea for those same reasons; for reason is all that stands between us & the madness that brought ruin to the works of Man.