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Soft Serve
10-27-2009, 04:45 PM
Eons of Conflict is a game based around the chat rats on P&PG who would occasionally turn to me and say "Wanna run a game?" To which I would reply "No I don't feel like playing D&D."

So I made this in an effort to simplify the d20 a little bit, put my own curve on it, and throw in as many settings around a single set of rules as I could manage. Basically the biggest point I have with EOC is the fact that the rules are meant to be flexible with multiple genres around them. Fantasy, Modern, Zombies, etc.


^^ would be the site. And as of right now the Fantasy, Modern, and Zombie pages are set to be played. Please give it a look through and let me know if your interested in playtesting.

PLEASE NOTE that I'm not looking for a steady group at the moment. Or even really myself want to be in one. Just looking for people who would enjoy trying a game out for me and telling me how easily they grasped the rules. IRL or Online doesn't matter. Thank you in advance.