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10-22-2009, 07:29 PM
I am a long time geek, (currently 27, and been playing and GMing pen and paper games since dnd 2nd edition,) and some friends and I have been working on a pen and paper rpg for about four years now. We feel that we're finally at a point where we can open the beta to people outside of our gaming group. As such, I am looking for people to playtest it with and without me, but to get started, I would like to run a game for new players.

The game system is found on our website, Mayhemrpg.com.

To give a little more information, this is not a variant or a re-drafting of an existing game, but has been designed from the ground up, starting with dice statistics and interaction mechanics and going from there. If I were advertising I would say that there are a lot of unique and interesting mechanics built into the game, as well as enough content in character design and creation to last a group several decades, but I'd only say that if I were advertising. *grin*

One example of novel mechanics would be the combat clock, a mechanic designed to track turn order in a way that allows faster actions to resolve faster and slower actions slower, for example a rapier attacks with lightning fast slashes and a hammer is slow but hits much harder. This adds a depth and dynamic nature to the combat that is very interesting.

Another example would be the open-ended class-less skill and ability system, that allows for better customization than a class-based system, but still includes enough character options and vivid character types to help players build memorable characters. Dozens of races and options in elemental and arcane magics, weapon techniques and ch'i based martial arts schools, as well as supernatural demons, angels, curses, shapeshifters, and undead types are all available as player character options.

Yeah, so to be done with shameless plugs, I am a long-time dm of this system and others, and would love to run a group of players to try the game out.

The kind of game I would be running would depend entirely upon the response that I get. I've got a few of my favorite campaigns that I could spring on people, each with various levels of social and combat-oriented gaming, but I'd really just like to get people to try the system out, so I'll run whatever kind of game people want to run.

Thanks for your time and attention in reading this. Again, more information on the game can be found at mayhemrpg.com.


11-13-2009, 08:24 PM
I will be returning to Draper in December and would love to try out your game if you are still accepting players.