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10-22-2009, 02:52 PM
The Sunless Citadel

Players Wanted

DM is OmniChaos

I am starting a play by post adventure in D&D 3.5 that has a custom hosted web map designed for play by post games and am looking for some good players. The adventure takes place in faerun where the small town of Oakhurst was built near the ruins of a dragon cults citadel that was brought into the earth by some unknown power. The old citadel became a nest for monsters and the like. In recent years the goblin tribe with in the citadel has sold a magical fruit to the town as a fruit of life along with a fruit of death. The last who entered the citadel never returned such as those before them, where do the goblins gain these fruits and what other mysteries does the small town of Oakhurst hide. The answers can only be found with in the Sunless Citadel.

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