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10-19-2009, 12:28 AM
You are sitting around the warm fire of the Hollow Leg tavern, sipping on whatever beverage that you particularly like. The place is quiet. You look at the tabletop with scratches that outline the area that the country of Chimorrow once existed. There are notes and some crude maps.
Most of them are old.

You then notice a new message that reads:

Looking for adventurers

My name is Morgan and I am looking for companions in exploring the Mortain woods. I have information about a treasure. I am willing to go equal shares for all that survive the expedition to those haunted woods. I will be here at the Hollow leg tavern within the week. You may identify me by the red cloak that I shall be wearing.

perhaps it might be interesting.

11-13-2009, 01:29 PM
Morgan looks about the tavern, wondering if anybody has read his missive. "I do need the assistance, hopefully there are some brave souls" He mentions to himself.

He pulls up a table and a chair, dropping his gaunt 5'7" frame wrapped in grey and white robes into the chair and leans his quarterstaff against the wall, looking towards the front door and orders a pint.

11-13-2009, 01:40 PM
Izra slipped into the tavern to a bit of a whoop and hurray. his hands went up and he immediately started playing the crowd, pointing and greeting people as he waded in. he was a local personality and a strong dancer here. the local minstrel was always glad to have the man dance to the lute. Izra sadly had to decline today because there was a man here for whom he searched.
a gander around the tavern for those wearing red cloaks till he spotted someone. a large grin he pressed forward and reached the man's table. "you there. i'd like a word with you over some drinks. would you mind the company?" he began. the confidence in his own presence was somewhat overbaring but he seemed a fine fellow.
if he was allowed he would take a seat. "A pleasure. my name is Izra Marquet. might i have your own?"

11-15-2009, 02:09 PM
Morgan puts out his hand and says " May your sight be always clear, my name is Morgan. I trust that you are here for the ad I put out. My hopes that the others whom I have talked to previously will put in an appearence. My funds are getting rather meager."

He reaches into his pouch and pulls out a single gold coin and five silvers. "That is the extent of my funds after equipping myself for this"

11-15-2009, 03:20 PM
a low whistle came from Izra "That is unfortunate indeed. before we get too detailed. under what reliability have you come to obtain this information you have? i'd like a small bit of a story before i agree to venture out. wouldn't want to get robbed by a scheme now would i?" with that Izra slipped into a seat across from Morgan. "i suppose you would also like some form of qualification to venture about with you. that or you're looking for body bags."

11-16-2009, 01:26 AM
A young man of impressive stature enters the tavern, seemingly just finishing tallying some recent purchases before carefully placing them in his pack, then slinging it round his back, standing tall and looking round the common room. He stands a good 18 and 1/2 hands, with shoulders that look broad even at that height. A red cloak is draped over the shining, finely crafted breastplate that encases his torso. Underneath mailed torso and gauntlets is simple but tough leather embroidered with dwarven runes. The young man's hair is blond and close cropped, his features chiseled where they are not obscured by his braided and finely groomed mustache and beard. When he spots morgan and his red cloak, he walks directly over to your table, addressing Morgan in a common that has a slight tinge of a dwarven accent and something else, something old, "Pardon me, i hope I am not too late. My name is Brandon, and if you are Morgan, then I am interested in your proposal. I have two companions who shoul dbe here shortly as well, we were all out gathering supplies."

11-16-2009, 05:21 AM
Izra turned to Brandon and looked up, and up, and up till he reached the man's eyes "ah hello there. a pleasure to meet you.the name's Izra. it seems we were both interested in this venture. surely we'll get along well." he was as always light hearted and all smiles. he offered the tall man a salute and local customary greeting "What i am a traveling entertainer. i so far focus on the fine art of dance. what do you do sir?" he asked brandon. it seemed they would be waiting for a short while in the least. might as well enjoy it thoroughly.

11-16-2009, 12:46 PM
Brandon, may your sight always be clear. Morgan extends his hand out. "I understand that you may have some comrades that will be coming. I would offer you a drink but unfortunately my funds are limited and Skrit our host here in the tavern doesnt look like the trusting type."

11-23-2009, 11:53 PM
Izra takes a low bow "well if you are without any funds. then perhaps i should buy us all a round of ale. it is rather inexpensive so i can give at least that. what are the specifics on your mission sir?"

11-24-2009, 09:43 PM
Galmez decided it was about time to introduce himself to the man he planned on accompanying. Nervousness flooded his heart. Social interactions were a true challenge for Galmez, the heat of battle was nothing compared to them. He forced himself to get up and approach Morgan's table. Dragging his own chair behind him, a chair he knew would support his weight, he made his way across the Hollow Leg tavern.

Dropping the chair in place, he set his heavy frame into it. Over 300 pounds and wearing a battered breastplate, he was certainly not one to be trifled with. His greataxe reached the floor when he sat. He had been listening to the men talk, and bluntly interrupted them, "I'll take a mug of whatever you're buying, dancing boy, and you, Morgan, I'll be defending your ass from the horrors of the Mortain woods, I suppose." Galmez smiled, showing pointed yellow teeth.

Then he suddenly started to cough viciously into his fist, staining it with blood. Soon, he was doubled over in his chair coughing bloody plegm onto the floor. After a few awkward monents of hacking and wheezing, he straightened up, "My apologies," He says with his own blood on his lips, "This is the price I pay for my power. Now, where is my drink?"

11-25-2009, 12:30 AM
Morgan smiled as his new companion sat down. Indeed there is a price to pay for magic was his thought. "May your sight always be clear Galmez, sit and I shall tell you of what I know of the Mortain Woods."

he bends down low and speaks in a quiet tone.

In the third age, the Mortain Woods had a tower by which amazing vessels came from outside of the surface of Beldorn. These vessels carried cargo to the witchkings. What they did with the cargos are unknown but Im willing to bet that there is something still there. According to the information that I have been able to gather, there were guardians at the tower.

I am hoping that Brendans friends make an appearance to increase the size of the party as it may be bloody if these guardians are still alive. We must make it there first. There is a tribe of Orcs that inhabit through the valley which we must make way. They are the night scar tribe. It is said also that they have allies who work with them in the valley. Our trip will also take us near falling Rock, a cursed abandoned mining community.

I know not what is within the main valley, but I suspect that it may be tough. The weather is also unpredictable. We just had a snowstorm the other day, it is early for such a snow.

This is what I have for now my friends. Are you still interested?

11-25-2009, 12:49 AM
A tall looking figure opens the door to the tavern almost as if in panic or in anger. The Tavern door swings wide open and makes a loud thug against the wall. A broad statured man, almost the size of a half-orc, steps through. An instant smell of animal blood and sweat enter the room. The man is dressed in ragged clothes, looking as if made from animal skin, and is carrying a large Greataxe on his back. He has unkept black hair and facial hair of a hyena. He goes up to the bar and orders a drink while scanning the room and giving a glaring stare at anyone that happens to be noticing him.

He goes to the tabletop and notices the maps scattered across it. The man follows his finger along in it in almost deep concentration as if trying to find out where he is or where he was. He notices the message from Morgan and instantly becomes intrigued by these supposedly "haunted woods." He had only heard stories of such things from the tribe that raised him. He instantly locates Morgan by his luxurious red cloak..."I take it you are Morgan?...You can call me Gorron. Im not used to this city setting, and ive only been in a couple of taverns as such in my entire life...but i am very interested in these haunted woods..whatever is there, i can guarantee ive seen worse"

11-25-2009, 04:04 PM
"Thank you Izra. It's much appreciated."
Brendon eyes the half-orc suspiciously as he makes a big show of his approach. His brow furrows a bit at the barbarian, but that was probably mostly from the smell reaching him. He looks around the table and then back at Morgan.
"This is your venture, sir, but I feel you should know I am no friend of orc-kind and this rather . . . blunt half-orc makes me uneasy. But as I said, this is your venture, so I will bow to your judgement here. Perhaps it would put us all at ease if we spoke a little more about ourselves and went over this task you have for us Morgan?"

11-25-2009, 05:02 PM
Izra withdraws a little at the hacking. fidgetting with his fingers nerviously until the very large creature of a man approaches the table as well. "oh dear gods what am i doing..." he mutters to himself then abruptly shakes his head. "Drinks. right.. so four ales. i'll be back with those in a moment." he then quickly sets off to the task at hand. catching the bartender's attention would be easy for the slick tongued dancer. he had four ales ordered and made sure they would be delivered to the table. he didn't plan on drinking so the four drinks were for the others.

Once he returned he had to take a deep breath and thrust out his chest. he felt so small among the giants. he was petite and handsome. he enjoyed his profession and being a horrid looking dancer would not draw a very good crowd.

"what form of preparations shall we be making? i don't suppose we'll be meeting many intellegible creatures out in the forests will we. Oh for those who have just arrived. My name is Izra Marquet. a.... pleasure to meet you all."

11-25-2009, 06:06 PM
"May your sight be always clear Gorron. Please sit down and join us. You have overheard my discussion with the others. I am proposing equal shares of anything we gather at the place. Perhaps you have some knowledge of the orcish tribe or can parlay with them."

My skills lie to the arcane arts, galmaz appears to be a caster, Gorron and Brendan are warriors, I have not discerned your ability Isra but I conclude that you are able and willing."

"We should leave in the morning. Make sure that you have bad weather gear. I plan on leaving at daybreak from here. So have a good nights rest for it may be the last we have for awhile."

11-26-2009, 04:59 AM
A dark cloaked, hunched figure walks through the door and pauses. Face hidden in the shadows of the hood, turns slowly around the room. Catching sight of Morgan the figure glides over to the group, "Morgan? I am Tikki. I have come with the humans, Brandon and Gorron," nodding to the warriors, "I too wish to join you."

11-26-2009, 02:11 PM
Izra glanced at the new face.... er.. cloak that happened to know two of his new associates. "Tikki i must say i am impressed. out of the large men and shady character we all permiate you by far are the shadiest. you have taken the proverbial cake. i do hope you enjoy it." he then gave a hearty chuckle and turns back to the group with a witty grin "I do believe this expedition will be most interesting."

with a movement of his hand Izra removed the hair from his face which revealed a now contumplative set to his face "Perhaps we should invest in a mule, and as Morgan has said heavy clothing. as well as winter vestments for our faithful stead of a mule. a cart would also be a good thing to have if we are truely ransacking a tower. do i have agreement?"

11-26-2009, 09:10 PM
morgan: may your sight always be clear Tikki. The trails are small and heavily wooded as far as I am aware of. It could be more of a problem than it is worth and I am short of funds to buy a cart. I know that there is a loaner of money for adventurers at this tavern. His name is Mort, his rates tend to be fair from what I have heard.

Morgan finishes his drink and says it is time for me to retire. the Dawn will come too soon. He gets up and heads for the comon room to sleep.

11-29-2009, 11:30 PM
Galmez waited until Morgan was out of earshot to make a reply to Brendan, "I may not be completely human, but it does not look like you have a skilled healer in your little group. I suggest you try not to insult the one who will be bringing your ass back from the brink of death." He turned to Izra, and, with a cough, said "Thank you, dancing man, for the generous beverage. Now, I too must retire for the evening. Sleep well, friends." The last word was audibly bitter, though sincere.

Galmez got up and dragged his chair to a corner of the common room. He placed what little gear he had, and his armor, on the chair before falling asleep with his back to a wall.

11-30-2009, 12:08 AM
ok folks, we will be starting chapter two. I am looking for you to post by sundays of each week and I need for those who have not posted their characters in the post your character here thread to do so. I will post the beginning of chapter two on monday.