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10-16-2009, 10:30 AM
"It is said that those whom the gods destroy, they first make mad..."

My group is starting a new D&D 4th Edition campaign. The game will be weekly on Saturdays. We are currently discussing a morning or evening name, with a preference towards evenings. We have three committed players right now and one maybe. My target is five, but I will run for six if responses are strong. In other words, I am looking to fill two seats.

My setting is fairly traditional D&D and I don't heavily modify the baseline campaign. This is not a failure of creativity, but rather a conscious choice so that each player comes to the table with the same understanding of the gods, the world, and the roles that various classes and races fulfill. I feel a good group can work with any material to create a great story.

I include a balance of encounters - roleplaying, combat, investigation, exploration, and so on - but the story and the characters are most important. I do not run dungeon crawls or hack and slash games and I tend toward mysterious stories that the players, through their own actions, expose and interact with.

I have some restrictions at this juncture. The first is that players will only be able to draw on classes and races from the PHB or PHB2. I am not including genasi, warforged, artificers, or anything published only through DDI. However, each of the Power Source books (Martial Power, Divine Power, etc) are open to draw from.

I do not allow evil characters, nor unaligned characters that lean toward evil. A dark or mercenary hero is fine, but I will not reward evil behavior in the game and my stories tend to focus on the players thwarting powerful evil forces and plots. Because the game is a team game, I ask that players ensure that their characters can function in a team. While intercharacter conflict is great for the story, too much of it can destroy the group.

Finally, I have no intention of adding new power sources to the game at this time, particularly not psionics. I know that next year we will have the psionic and shadow power sources, and they may be reviewed at that time, but it is unlikely. I try to create my world in such a way that power sources have a meaning and are tied to the nature of the world. Anything I add later on will have a tacked on feel. The fact that someone is an arcane character should have some meaning in the world.

If you are interested in learning some more details, please feel free to send me a private message or e-mail me at simonides@optonline.net.

Also, you can check out the 4th Edition podcast I cohost as part of the d20 radio network. We're relatively new, but we've already had a very strong response. Our site is at http://www.powersourcepodcast.com.