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10-12-2009, 01:50 PM
I’m a 20-year veteran gamer in Orange County, California and looking to fill some recently vacant spots in a Sunday gaming group. We typically play every Sunday from noon till 6 or 7pm. We enjoy having a few rotating games to keep things fresh but while still building rich character history and lasting campaigns.

We generally have three different campaigns/genres in a three-week game rotation (example: play one game for three weeks straight, then next game for three week and another then return to the beginning of the rotation). As of this moment we’ll be starting up a Stars Wars Knights of the Old republic game and a Post-apocalyptic game both using Hero System. We’re looking for a few more players and some one to GM a third game for the rotation doesn’t have to be hero system and could be any genre from Fantasy to super-heroic.

We’re looking for reliable players who enjoy role-playing and story telling along with cinematic or tactical combat. We’re looking for mature adult gamers.

If this sounds like anything you may be interested in then contact me at tsromanow@yahoo.com

Steve S
10-15-2009, 07:27 PM
Hey. My name is Steve and believe it or not I'm only a few minutes away from your place. I'm a 20 year old geology major currently attending Saddleback College. I'd like to give you guys a shot if you are willing. I have no experiance with the hero's system. I have played DnD 3.5E and am familiar with DnD 4.0 as well as Fantasy craft (DnD 3.5 +1, hehe).

My Sunday's are pretty open currently. Send me a message if you would like further contact information or to meet somewhere.