View Full Version : Lynchburg, VA area

01-19-2007, 11:08 PM
Hi everyone, I'd love to get a game together with anyone living within about 40 miles or so of me. I live in Altavista, about halfway between Danville and Lynchburg, VA, but I also can travel to Appomattox and occasionally to Roanoke.

Although I rarely play D&D anymore (I haven't bought a D&D book since the late 80's), I do play:
Armageddon/WitchCraft (Eden Studios) (Download the entire core book here- http://www.edenstudios.net/witchcraft/index.html ),
Amber DRPG (Out of Print),
Buffy/Angel (Eden Studios),
Nightspawn (I'm working on translating all my stuff from Palladium to Angel),
Silver Age Sentinels & The Authority,
Shadowrun (Fan-Pro),
Stargate (personally I'd use Unisystem, but sure other systems are ok for this),
Transhuman Space (published by Steve Jackson Games)

And I just recently picked up-
Unknown Armies (Atlas Games)
Savage Worlds.