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WCRPG Butcher
10-08-2009, 03:07 PM
We cordially invite you to join the ongoing online role playing game:


In the future, the galaxy is in a state of turmoil, and the legacies of the past reveal themselves...

It is the year 2679, and mankind has finally broke the cycle of constant war between itself and the other species of the galaxy. The strong political boundaries between nation states and factions are slowly becoming blurred as the collective sentient species of the galaxy begin to cooperate and rebuild their shattered lives after the civil war which split humanity into five separate factions. Heroes and hopefuls look from under the rubble towards a distant future of peace and prosperity, while those less virtuous see an opportunity to grab wealth and power in the midst of the uncertainty.

However, in the shadowy corners of the galaxy, ancient threats are beginning to boil, hidden from the sight of the galaxy's only remaining watchers: The Alliance of Baran and Vortath Federal Systems. The multi-talented and diverse crew of the Alliance ship "Tara'kaga" must keep a vigilant eye on any gathering storms that may threaten the burgeoning peace between old foes. The universe needs heroes, and the operatives of the "Maelstrom's Wrath" squadron are the best there are. Sign up cadet, see if you can stand up to the best and worst the galaxy has to offer, and see if you may be worthy of joining this elite crew as protectors of all the free species!

What is the WCRPG?

The WCRPG is a futuristic science fiction/fantasy action adventure RPG set in the universe of Chris Robert's "Wing Commander" franchise. For 13 years the WCRPG has combined elements of space flight combat simulation, space opera, detective intensive plots, and pure fantasy to create a unique and exciting experience while staying true to the spirit of the "Wing Commander" franchise. While we use some mechanics you may find familiar to "d20" games, our RPG system has evolved into a unique one, and we have documentation and reference material to assist you in transitioning to our game system. As of now, for those that know Wing Commander lore, the current sessions place the WCRPG's premier game dubbed "The Edge of Chaos" 6 years after the conclusion of the Border Worlds conflict, though much has happened before, during, and after such large events. All the franchise video games up till "Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom" are considered canon.

How is WCRPG played?

Using IRC clients and chat rooms, with the assistance of dice-rolling scripts and a GM-run Host Combat Program (HCP), the WCRPG meets every Saturday evening on its privately-owned IRC server at 9:00pm EST for a game session that lasts anywhere between 4 to 7 hours (don't let the time-zone difference dissuade you, we have European players as well you can suffer along with). Using a combination of dice rolls, mechanics, limited free-form role play, and inter-personal interaction with other players and Non-Player Characters, all while guiding the plot of campaigns through actions and results of missions, the WCRPG embraces the "Opera" of Space Opera.

How do I join WCRPG?

We're always looking for new members! To join, or just inquire about the game, simply point your web-browsers to our forums at: http://zylor.com/phpbb/index.php . From there, register and ask as many questions you want. Additionally, you will have to download an IRC chat program in order to play the sessions. Once you have one installed, point your connection to: irc.starbase31.com (Port 6667), and join the chat room: #wcrpg . From there, you can talk to any of our members and inquire as to any questions you may have about the WCRPG. If you are keen on joining the WCRPG, our new player representative will guide you through the process of our character creation system and assist in getting you integrated with the other players, as well as up to speed on current events and history within the WCRPG.

Additional Standing Offer: IRC Hosting

Even if you are not interested in joining the WCRPG, we are offering those that use IRC servers for online role playing games private space for them to conduct their game. There is no requirement of joining and participating an additional/external social group outside any you already have, nor is there a price for this service you must render. We currently can accommodate just over 200 additional players on our server, which is up 24/7 to the best of our and the service provider's ability. We simply run ChanServ and NickServ for our background processes, so opting your DM/GM in your private channel is no issue for us.

To request space for our IRC server, simply use your IRC chat client to connect to: irc.starbase31.com (Port 6667), from there, join the chat room: #wcrpg , and ask any of the Admins online for further information and assistance.

See you up in space, flyboys and girls!

05-19-2010, 08:48 PM
I find this interesting but I'm currently in Korea, will time difference be a problem? I'm at GMT +09:00 meaning a +13 hour difference from Eastern US. PM me if this isn't a problem and I'll check out the rpg once my computer is back from the shop. I don't know much about Wing Commander, but what I do know I like.. perhaps I'll play an amnesiac or something lol.

WCRPG Butcher
05-22-2010, 08:08 AM
I figured I'd give you all an update on where we are in our current campaign:


With the immediate pirate threat eliminated along the Sol/Enigma Frontier, key military commanders in the ETO meet to discuss the troubling events that have been uncovered. In return for the reinforcements needed to secure the Pirate laden trade lanes the Tara`Kaga and her battle group have returned to the Vega Sector to serve in place of the vessels not patrolling Sol's borders. But their arrival at the once secret base heralds more concern. A city of refugees has sprung up on the edges of the 'secret base.' The new base commander has dealt with patrol commanders that would not perform their duties and has been punished for it. In return she has cut off all communication with the other local defense commanders and has attempted to contain the situation on the Vega\Kilrathi border with what little resources she had in her coffers.

With the unsettling events in Confed's core and now these 'events' on the frontier the situation is not good. The Kilrathi would love nothing more than to catch a treaty violation and attack the border regions and have done everything to date to press their luck.And there's still the going search for the TCS Panthera and the questions surrounding it...

WCRPG Butcher
12-09-2010, 05:38 AM
Alright folks, we're still plugging along, but we could definitely use a few more players to round out our flight roster! We're looking at a beginning-of-January new player push and introduction, so new players won't be alone and lost when they join.

Here's a campaign update as well:

Knell Of The Jackals

A last ditch attempt by the Baron Quarg`tak nar Ki`ra to halt the escalating violence between the Imperial clans and the dream of a peaceful Empire has ended in death. Where assassins failed an orbital strike from a Kiranka warship succeeded. With the summit site destroyed and the Qarg Ambassador dead, the Ragitagha, Qarg, and Kiranka have resorted to the old ways. War. It is only a matter of time before the other clans follow suit.

The ABVS have pulled completely out of Kilrathi space. This war is an internal matter of the Empire, and the Alliance nor any of it's allies are really in a condition to fight a new war. But Kilrathi wars seldom stay amongst themselves. Hard decisions will soon have to be made. Protect billions by doing nothing, or possibly save billions more by acting knowing that failure means the death of countless lives.

WCRPG Butcher
12-10-2010, 12:11 PM
I figured I'd also add in a quick FAQ.

Q: Alright, I'll bite, a Wing Commander RPG. What exactly is that?

A: I think the best way to sum up playing the WCRPG in an elevator pitch is that it's like roleplaying character interactions like the cut scenes you'd see in WC 1/2/3 and parts of 4, applying a complex but player-friendly combat system for space combat and gunfights, and letting players plan and execute an encounter, all while both celebrating and expanding upon the themes Wing Commander had with Science Fiction, Space Opera, and Futuristic Military Fantasy. We also include elements of mystery, adventure, and human drama (the good kind!).

Q: Okay, when I think Wing Commander, I think space lazer battles shooting fuzzball cat-people with SCIENCE! and high-explosive missiles. You guys got that?

A: Hell yeah we got that! You'd be hard pressed to play anything Wing Commander inspired and forgot space fighter dogfighting, and WCRPG is no exception. The biggest difference you might find between the video game experience and the text-based RPG we have here is that you're not yanking your joystick around like a twitchy caffeinated hotshot most of the time. The nature of an RPG is that while luck always plays a part, the way you fight is based on knowledge, tactics, and teamwork.

In the very basic WCRPG space combat situation, you'll dictate how much juice is going into your shields and guns, how aggressively or defensively you're flying, and who you're shooting with either guns or missiles. Omitting a few other extras for the sake to entice you, these bare bones, combined with the different scenarios the GMs cook up for the game sessions, allow for a lot of tactical flexibility and ingenuity in how to either most effectively take down a target or (my favorite) the most fun way to do the same thing. You want space fighter dogfights in PnP-esque RPG form? We got'em!

Q: Gotcha, but I'm also a fan of the setting, story, and style of Wing Commander, or I'm a fan of Sci-Fi storytelling in general. You guys aren't just rolling dice blowing up stuff for hours on end with nothing else going on, are you?

A: Of course not! What's an RPG without a story to be told, much less one with Wing Commander in it's name. The GMs have been cooking and serving the players stories since 2001, and they're not the paper thin "Bad guys are here, blow them up, get a medal, see you next week". We've played through plot beats that last months at a time, and recently finished up a pretty epic campaign that culminated from 5 years of gaming and ingame events and exploded with a great climax. The GMs haven't run out of ideas though, not by far, there's still mounds of materials for stories that have been both hinted in past games, and stuff that's been newly swirling around in their heads. You could almost say the stories and plots have a vintage.

Now wait a second, I've played Wing Commander games and paid attention to them, you guys are missing stuff! Where's the KAC and the Nephillium? What is this Alliance thing you guys invented? What the hell is going on?! Did you guys ignore these important bits of cannon?

A: You want answers?


YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRU- oh, wait. Well, I'll admit this is probably the biggest leap of faith any Wing Commander fan can take when investing time and effort into any other fan's project, which is your interpretation of the Wing Commander Universe may not be the same as someone else's. In the WCRPG, we plainly (and proudly) make clear that our game is a tangential departure from the Wing Commander cannon from WC4 onward.

After awhile, both players and the GMs get bored with blowing up the Kilrathi over and over again, with no other reason than "they're the badguys". So, that's where invention and deviation step in, and the game has created new enemies and challenges for the players to overcome, while keeping them in the spirit of Wing Commander. In the last 6 years since we've explored our interpretation of the Wing Commander universe, we've done things we feel are unique to us and our RPG that you can't find anywhere else. If you're looking to relive the Terran-Kilrathi war in it's heyday, this RPG might not be for you. But, if you can make that leap of faith into an alternate Wing Commander universe that we've made, and we love and enjoy, I think you'll like it a lot.

Q: So, I shouldn't expect to fly on Blair's wing showing off all he taught me, punch Maniac in the nose for dating my sister, or tell tales of Tolwyn having dinner with my family back when I was a kid, all while flying off the deck of the TCS Midway captained by Esien?

A: That's right. The reason for that is simple: Why lurk in the eternal shadow of such celebrities when you can be your own big damn hero? We're in our own world with our own problems and dangers, and we (try to) solve them and save the day. After all, Blair may have been a hero, but if it wasn't for you playing him he'd be floating around in space in a tiny box after his first encounter with a pair of Salthis. SO I'd say it's better to step into your own flight suit and show our universe that you too were meant to be a big damn hero.

Q: Well, for some reason my brain tells me this could be a fun thing to do and that I should take this WCRPG into consideration. What should I do next?

A: Yessss, listen to my mind control devi- erm, I mean, listen to your brain. The next step, after reading this FAQ and deciding that the WCRPG is a fun thing to do, is to head on over to the WCRPG website, found at http://www.wcrpg.com (http://www.wcrpg.com/), and explore what else we have to say and show. After that, hop onto our forums, register, and say hello. We have our own IRC server, which is irc.starbase31.com port 6667, and we lurk in there constantly throughout the week in between our sessions on Saturday. Point your IRC clients to our server and say hello as well. We're happy to answer any further questions you might have about the WCRPG, and we can help you get started should you decide you want to play with us.

Q: Sweet, I'm on my way. Since you're the newish-est guy, you got any advice for a fresh new player?

A: The best bit of advice I can give you as a player is to participate. If all you do is show up for the shooty-flying space combat and leave when it's done, you're missing out on half of the RPG we play. Don't come into the game with the only goal of going from a lowly butterbar to full blown Colonel in a year because stats and promotions are the only thing to do, because the WCRPG isn't about that. We're here to play characters facing extraordinary circumstances on the edge of chaos, so take your character and live in our universe. Roleplay with us, be unique but natural, don't feel like you need to fill some traditional RPG role/niche. Participation leads to its own reward, but you'll sometimes be rewarded for that too.

Most of all? Have fun. I know that sound like an empty cliche, but I mean you shouldn't take the RPG and everything around it seriously. We're all normal people outside the RPG, who live our own lives and do our own things in between sessions. Sometimes we write and/or work on little projects for the RPG, but it's not our reason for waking up in the morning. We play to have fun and enjoy the setting and events of the WCPRG, and for those who want to come along with us, we hope you will too.

12-13-2010, 04:23 PM
I am in if you want. I will read to forum!

WCRPG Butcher
12-14-2010, 04:47 AM
We'd love to have you! Come on over, and don't forget to hop on the IRC server to say hello and introduce yourself!