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10-06-2009, 05:29 PM
Welcome True-Believer!

Are you searching for an adventure that's over the river and through the woods to kick Orc Grandmother's butt you go!? Then my group would like you to join http://endgameoakland.com/forum/images/smiles/smile.gif!

I'm running a Forgotten Realms Campaign for four awesome dungeon delving, great acting, heiny-whooping gamers. And if you're seeking a great time laughing, involved in an action packed game and into role-playing out grand scenes, then I've got a game for you to join!

My current group are at 7th level and is compromised of: cleric, warden, psion and rogue. The core game plays out in FR, but currently, Iíve tossed them into Ravenloft. Care to join in that fun? We game in Oakland in one of the gamerís home. We game every other Saturday from 12 to 6. I have modified some of the rules; itís more for game enrichment and not weakening any powers, races, or classes. The game is defined by your imagination, not by some paper so Iíll work with you to make your character shine! We sometimes even RP via email for small details.

If your down to game Saturdays bi-weekly, 12-6ish and can commute OR I can pick you up at BART, then your welcome to contact me, Randy.

Email me at and tell me about yourself and what youíd like to see in the game:
are(and-why+at+gmail.c-o*m. (just remove the characters to email me, this is to prevent spam)

10-11-2009, 03:19 PM
I have started a blog. It's just starting out but it'll be about how I can improve gameplay for the players, listening to what they say and my thoughts on how I can accomodate and the game session, of course!