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10-06-2009, 06:03 AM
Within the next couple of weeks a few of us will be starting a Pathfinder game based on the Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path. We'll be playing on Saturday evenings, This game will alternate every 3-5 wks with a new Dragonquest game. If this sounds interesting, let me know

10-14-2009, 04:52 AM
Just a quick bump.

10-18-2009, 07:38 AM
One last bump as the game will be starting very shortly.

Also looking to start a Scion game if anyone is interested.

01-28-2010, 07:35 PM
Hey I'm practically next door to you and I've been wanting to give pathfinder a whirl. Experienced player and GM.

01-29-2010, 06:16 AM
Hey Dirty ... how are you doing?

The game is in full swing and I already have 6 players at the table, but if you want to drop by, say Hi, see the game and meet the other players, send me an email to Khairn at GMail dot com and I can give you the details. Our next session is this Saturday starting at 4pm.

Another GM in our group will be starting a new Pathfinder in Eberron or nWoD game in about a month, and there is talk of another game starting on Sundays in Feb. We also run the local Lancaster RPG Meetup group, if you want to join.

Talk to you soon.

Khairn / Craig

01-29-2010, 03:43 PM
sweet i sent the mail with my number
hope to be there tomorrow!

01-30-2010, 09:38 AM
you still playing?
havent contacted me yet so just wondering