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10-02-2009, 04:38 PM
This is intended to be the site for the Pathfinder version of my setting Beldorn. This game is designed for those who have a busy life style and trouble in doing a regular gaming time. The explaination from the following website will explain better.

this is the main page for the campaign.

This is the introduction and is still under construction.

This is a history of 4th age Chimorrow.

Basic information. The corebook of Pathfinder only for this game. There will be things added as we go along.

character generation 4d6 take the best three. Roll seven stats take the best six. arrange as you please.

Maximum first level funds.

Hp points variant. Use your con score + modifer for first level hitpoints. example con 15 is +2 modifier so you initial hps are 15+2 for 17 hp.

priests from pathfinder to beldorn go to following and look at the wiki: