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10-01-2009, 11:21 AM
A independent game created by On the Lamb (http://www.on-the-lamb.com/) Productions http://www.on-the-lamb.com/

Legendary Realms is a Pen & Paper Role Playing Game in a post-renaissance fantasy setting (think Industrial Punk). That is a classless, level-less, modular system that uses d10.

cost? Softcover edition costs $14.99.

The world of Legendary Realms is known as Ehryn. That has a strange structure known as the "The World Spine" that separates the world into halves. The currently released book covers one half with a book cover things 'Beyond the World Spine'.

Players choose Race and Kingdom for their characters. Kingdom help determine advantages such as technology available and depending if the GM chooses to use Profession moduel, what organizations would then be available.

The book goes into greater detail but a quick skim of the races consist of Orkan (a group of enlighten Orcs that seek to 'redeem' Orcs among the other races), Humans, Dwarves (which come in three flavors Deep Dwarves, Fire Dwarves and Hill Dwarves), goblins, Elves (as dwarvs comes in three differe types Sea Elves, Dessert Elves, and North Elves) each race gets a racial perk, and also a number of Kingdoms they can hail from. Kingdoms provide additional However, there are rules to use other sentient beings as playable races.

The website provides support, errata, wiki and a forum. The staff is always glad to answer your questions input and feed back.

The writers go to various convention to promote the book and sell it as well as promote their future projects. And I'll be glad to help too with I can.

10-02-2009, 07:04 AM
More details? The website wasn't what I would call lucid or terribly informative.

Post Renaissance: Define that please?

Atherwarping: video game most people are familiar with? I don't play video games?

10-02-2009, 07:54 AM
As I stated the personnel are very happy to answer all questions within their forums, the website is 'living' thing, as it does get updated but between writing and the conventions.

But I can answer your questions here too,

Post Renaissance, in simplest terms Post Rebirth but also and to coin the term "Industrial Punk". The world books setting underwent a massive cataclysmic event, and thus rather than a Post Apocalyptic setting, as setting in which the world has gotten on its feet, formed new nations, and begun to enlighten itself, however, not all of the world is included within the first book, the second book will cover the other side of the world. The book for Legendary Realms also covers the current state of the world, and the known recorded events that let up to the current era of the world.

Aetherwraping, or magic(k) rather than spells-per-day being the limiting factor the player has Mana pool that is consumed in order to perform feats of 'Aetherwraping. Grant you thatís not the only thing the Mana stat is used for Rune Smithing and Faith based abilities also us it in different ways.

If you have anymore questions feel free to ask.

I hope I answered your questions if not I'll try to explain it a different way so that I can.:D