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09-29-2009, 12:27 PM
You are corporate mercs in the 23rd century working for the Orionus Corporation. You hope to either score big and retire or get hired on full time and get some benefits. OC hires you out to Orion based companies (mostly). But you are the universe's "least wanted" (unusual characters welcome) and nobody else would hire you. Show them their error: steal their secrets, splatter their mercs, and loot their assets! All under orders and legal-like! :lol:
This campaign will start pretty slow (you are the "unwanted") and slowly build. In this system, starting slow is good... unless you like rolling up new PCs every few missions... System is tough, but I'm not a killer GM. You hose up in a stupid way, get out pencil and paper and start rolling new stats. You get bad rolls or such, there's usually a way out. So, slow start to afford decent gear and training. Also to let you get used to the system and my style of GMing. You will be a new type of merc team: Independent ops capable. PCs will have to have skills both in field ops and in ship ops. You'll scout planets for value, remove "trespassers" (AKA rival corps' mercs) and fly the starlanes even. Should you survive...