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09-28-2009, 08:07 PM
It has been a day since you had forged your pact and vowed your lives upon this course of action. Most had sought to say farewell to friends and family, while others had taken the time for self contemplation. The time seemed to move more quickly then any had perceived.

They had appointed their meeting to occur in a deserted section of tunnel quite a ways up in the stead itself. None had questioned the mule skinner on the area as they had assumed it to coincide with his direct access to the mount's surface.

Asbjørn had risen earlier then he had in quite some time. He had collected the mules from the duergar's clanhold and guided them to this zenith with only minor difficulty. He had taken his time examining them thourougly and noted that they were outfitted with saddles, gear and rations for weeks. There were seven, though only they only numbered six. He had assumed the seventhn for carrying supplies and extra provisions or should something befall one of the others. Thoriken had been quite some assistance to him and he would certainly have not been so quick without his help.

They both stand at ease, going over their equipment and checking their gear to make certain all is in order. The trek would indeed be long and arduous and they had no illusions that they would have a dangerous path ahead of them.

In the distance a dwarf emerges with a backpack brimming with various gear, his face reddened from the hike. His breath seems labored and he rest and catches his breath before he can speak, "Whoa, thats quite a hike. Guess all this hiking will be good for me," as Barur smiles toward the pair. He wears a high quality set of leather clothing that looks like it might cushion some blows. At his hip hangs a small blade that appears more akin to a giant dagger then a sword. Upon his back hangs a crossbow that does not appear to have ever been used. He nods toward a mule and begins to sort through his possesions and ready himself for departing.

"I think I'll call you 'Nimble' if that's alright?" as he pats his mule, with a look toward the pair.

"Aye, whateve ya be wantin to, it'll walk all da same," replies the mule skinner with a slight grin.

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09-28-2009, 09:59 PM
Approaching the designated meeting point, Ferous is happy to see his new companions ahead.

Though as he does near them, he realizes that they are short two.

"Hail, so we wait for two."

Ferous looks to the pack animals with a bit of fear, and it is appearant. He aproaches them then stops and then looks to the others.

"My experience with these beasts is seriously lacking." Ferous gives a slight laugh at his own inexperience and looks about.

09-30-2009, 07:42 AM
Ertryd arrives at the meeting point, quiet and contemplative from the test of her abilities the previous night. The tomes that she aquired are well-wrapped and tucked safely away in her pack, while the bagpipes are stored in her best hip case. Some of the exhaustion of the previous night remains, as if one night's sleep couldn't lift the ehaustion of such an undertaking.

She smiles to her companions as they see her enter the tunnel. "Asbjorn, would you have a suggested mule for a chanter who has never ridden before?" She is in good spirits despite the exhaustion.

10-01-2009, 07:02 PM
"They ain't too hard, jis takes some gettin used too's all. They's real sure footed and they'll tell ya iff'n da paths unstable. I ain't never been wit dese 'ere, but they's all likely fine. Jis take yer choice and check through yer saddlebags, seems ol Osk dun provided da 'ssentials," as Asbjorn looks them all over and chose two for the pair to ride. He leads the flat faced, shaggy mules over for them.

"Dese look good, can't say I know much bout ridin em dough" as he himself only had a minimal amount of training with the beasts.

"Guess we's jis waitin on Thoriken den..."

As you look through your saddlebags you find about two weeks of trail rations, a blanket and a few other essentials for the road. There are some wineskins that are full and a collection of cooking implements on the lone pack mule. The packmule also has a heavy bag loaded with what appears as old trading bars of gold.

"These yours?" asks Asbjorn to no one in particular.

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10-01-2009, 11:09 PM
Ferous looks over "his" mule. Listening to his new companion when he hears that they are just waiting on one other person.

"We also wait on Lady Dolastyr my friend, we wait for two."

Ferous turns back to his mule and the effects within the saddle bags.

10-02-2009, 05:41 PM
As he tightened the cinche and straps on his deep grey mule, Thoriken listened carefully to all Asbjørn had to tell of thew art of muleskinning. He then checked and rechecked his weapons and personal gear, ensuring he could draw an toss his hammer with out hindrance even while riding.
"Welm when ye girls are a reddy, Me and Shade here are. Asbjørn, if ye lead I can cover the rear and cover ur treks as we go." He states flatly.

10-04-2009, 07:56 PM
Ertryd chooses a mule and checks through the supplies in the saddlebags. Not high quality, but suitable. Her mind wanders in anticipation as she waits for Dolastyr to appear.

10-05-2009, 12:55 PM
As if hearing her name, Dolastyr stepped around a bend and approached the group, her eyes lingering behind her. She had been spoken with at length by Osk the previous night and had become aware of some very frightening things about the cold world outside of Uerythtar and was not quite as headstrong in leaving as she knew the others were. She would never say she was worried, but the look upon her face and the nervousness of her appearance did little to hide her worry.

"Good morn all, I do apologize for my lateness," as she saddled up to a mule that did not appear taken. "Well, I guess all those trips of leading these brutes into the mines gave me a little knowledge," as she readied her pack before climbing upon it with a little ease.

"They's a thichskulled ting me dearie, but I tink we'll be fine," as Asbjorn begins rummaging through his bag.

"Well, I'mma guessin dats it, any o' ya'lll got anytin dats needs be said er done, dis'll be da spot," as he distributes swathes of dirty and crude fabric for covering your eyes. It appears the skinner was serious about not revealing his guild's secrets.

10-06-2009, 09:50 AM
After carefully tying the fabric over your eyes, he strings the mules together and guides them through the rough and unused tunnels in this area. You all can feel the mules beneath you move and to some the feeling is a bit disconcerting indeed. The first sign that you are getting nearer the surface is the faint chill that seems to pervade that air and a slight movement of wind across your hands. The air is strange and frigid with a crisp smell of freshness that many of you are unaccustomed to.

The wind continues to blow more fiercely as you continue onward, becoming a very strong breeze. A howling can be heard as you can only assume you emerge from some crevice in the mounts side. The crunch of gravel and stone sounds different with no walls to echo its noise. A warming sensation seems to cover whatever skin is open and is a yet another strange sensation in this alien world.

After another few minutes you feel the team come to a halt and Asbjorn comes around to remove everyone's cloth to free your vision.

You are all looking out upon the great mounts of the Grey Peaks, many of which still have snow upon their summits. As the snow diminishes, it is replaced by various stone and granite that seems to comprise most of the mounts themselves. Sparse vegetation and trees scatter across the lower areas and thicken as one looks downward into the ravines and valleys that separate the mountains.

The trail appears very crude and covered with debris, as if this was something more akin to a converted game trail then something you had imagined within the stead itself.

Barur makes a whistling sound, "Ty’athalae," in a strange and foreign tongue. As he suddenly realizes that it likely none of his fellows might understand him he adds, "Its elven for peace through the absolute beauty of nature and harmony with your surrounding. I couldn't think of anything else to sum it up..." as he gazes for miles around him in wonder.

Dolastyr simply stands in absolute wonder, her eyes averted from the harsh light that seems to make her eyes water. She can barely make out the azure sky, but it seems to go on forever.

"I'll be givin ya a few, fore we go on, so's ta let yer eyes adjust an all," grunts Asbjorn as he sits comfortably upon his mule. He leaves them tied together still and he has chosen the lead animal. "Mite be a bit early mind ye, but keeps yer tools close by, no tellin what lurks in dese peaks and we donna be wantin no surprises."

10-06-2009, 02:41 PM
Ertryd is unused to the cool air that brushes against her skin, and huddles closer within her cloak. When she feels the warmth on her face, she sighs in contentment. She has a hard time keeping her eyes open due to the level of brightness that she has never before experienced, but she is happy feeling the wind and sun, and listening to the new sounds around her while her eyes adjust. The outside world seems very chaotic in comparison to the orderly, controlled atmosphere inside the hold, but Ertryd feels a fondness for this new world already.

She considers Beldor's word choice and finds it apt. She muses on whether she should attempt to learn Elven, as the language sounds as if it expresses many complicated ideas.

Even this first step outside of the hold justifies her desire to leave. Ertryd is ready to learn more about this exciting new place. It hits her that the place she has called home for her 61 years is merely a tiny fraction of the larger world. She doesn't know how tiny, but just knowing that it will take two weeks to get to their destination is a sobering fact.

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10-09-2009, 11:37 AM
Looking across the scape laid out before him, Ferous feels his breath escape him. As he focuses on his companions, he begins to hear the voice in his head.

"You are so small, its no wonder your people have remained closed off. What possibly can you offer such a large place? What possibly can you offer these brave souls who will rely upon you to help them accomplish this goal?"

"What do you know of trade.. of commerce?"

Shifting in his uncofortable saddle, Ferous stares directly at Dolastyr and once again draws in the cold mountain air.

Ferous says to himself in almost a rhythmic pattern "I am Ferous Goldvein, Son of Sact, Blood of Sactum, Keeper of Dreck Khrumh."

Slowly, the voice quiets.

10-13-2009, 08:41 PM
After a few long minutes, Dolastyr's eyes seem a bit less dull and she can look upon the landscape and take everything in. She confesses, "I have never seen the sun, nor this realm before. It is nothing like the books have described..." in a breathless voice.

"We won't be gainin no ground dis way," states Asbjorn in a gruff manner, more reminiscent of someone familiar with the realm.

He immediately assumes the front of the line and begins the arduous descent from the high altitude. The silence is long, its solitude beckoning the companions to search the peaks and find why they themselves departed upon such a mission.

The gravel crunches under the weight of your mules and the trail is steep, Asbjorn cutting a sharp path through the side of the mount that quickly places some distance between the stead's mount and yourself.

He calls a halt after what seems like quite some time, "Best be gettin some food in yer bellies and takin in de mountain air," as he dismounts. He helps everyone off their mounts, but seems to stir a bit. "Uh, Hmmm, Well i gots sometin ta be sayin and dey's no way roun' it,' as he turns on the group somewhat unexpectedly. "I know's dis fella dat cum here wit da Adbarran's. He's a good fella and knows dese way's a mite bit better n' I and I asked him along,' as he holds up his hand expecting some issue. "He's a good lad and won I trust, we'll be meetin him atta bottom o' dis peak and I donna care what yea's be tinkin, I know's we'll be needin him,' hoping the group doesn't completely hate him over his choice.

"Fella's names Adiir, and a rock he'll be...."

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10-13-2009, 11:03 PM
The long trip down the mountain is a far from comfortable trip for Ferous.

Hearing the words that he can dismount, he almost leaps off of the mule, to be greeted with rider’s legs. He moves about shaking his legs to get the blood flowing again in his lower body.

As Asbjorn makes his announcement, Ferous looks to those of noble blood and then to those other members of the party.

“Asbjorn, I know you only by a hand shake. But you were chosen by a very wise Thane to come along on this journey. I trust your judgment. This Adiir, must have been part of Thane Osk’s plan, and his character will show when we meet him. All souls on this journey were chosen by him for some reason, and when we get to the bottom of this mount, we will see where this Adiir’s mettle lies.”

Ferous turns and begins to unload his shield from his mount.

10-15-2009, 09:03 PM
"I'm o'bliged by dat, not real used ta be on no holy man's mishun so it'll be takin sum gettin used to," as he grins to no one in particular. He pulls out what appears to be some hard and stale dry bread and begins to furiously gnaw upon it like some hungry rat in the depths.

Barur seems to be wandering and looking intently at everything within his vision, only Asbjorn's stern warnings keeping him from a few areas that looked dangerous. "Can you smell that sweet smell of the trees?" noting the faint odor of pines and ceder.

"They look tiny from here, how tall are they actually?" as Dolastyr seems bewildered in this world of sky and light. Had she ever dreamed such a place existed she would have long ago made more efforts to visit it.

10-18-2009, 02:25 PM
Ertryd breathes in the smell of the mountains, enjoying the fresh quality of the air, and the sweet smell of the trees. She visually explores her surroundings, taking in the size and shape of the trees, the appearance of small creatures diving through the air, and the unworked rock all about them. She peers up into the sky, trying to fathom what it is like to live in a world without a ceiling. She looks directly into the sun as she is searching the sky and her eyes water up and reflexively shut. Her eyes are still unused to the increased level of light, but Ertryd is taken in by the beauty and complexity of her surroundings.

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10-21-2009, 02:24 PM
Taking his queue from everyone else, Ferous breaths deeply, and while he does smell the trees, and the crisp air, he mostly smells the earth still, and the iron that it contains.

Looking down he kicks a rock, bends and picks it up. He misses the tunnels already.

He drops the rock and looks at his surroundings.

He thinks to himself "We cannot afford to drop our guard once, not once".

Ferous turns and stares at the bedding that he has unpacked, is there a tent in here?

He turns back to the others, "Did we bring tents?"

With that Ferous inventories his supplies again.

10-21-2009, 02:43 PM
"Aye," Asbjorn says to Ferrous' question. "We have two packed on da mules, not much mor'n a few stitched sheets cover'd in wax though." as he nods toward the last free pack mule.

Everyone's meal is eaten quickly, likely more to allow everyone a break from the mules then for sustenance. Some eat the hard bread, while others seem to enjoy the jerky. The wind howls through the peaks and buffets everyone, chilling many whom have never departed the stead before.

After what seems a few minutes Asbjorn stands again, "Bout time we gets ta movin agin." He begins helping everyone onto their respective mules, adding extra padding anywhere his companions have begun growing sore.

"I thank you for the assistance Asbjorn, you seem to certainly be gifted when it comes to this cavernless realm," says Dolastyr quietly as he assists her. He grins widely, winking at her "Ain't nuttin dearie, never thunk I'd be usin all dese skills fer anytin like dis though"

"We should be fairly isolated until we cross into the Greyvale," says Barur as he studies a crudely drawn map he had retrieved from his bag. "From what I gather humans rarely venture farther then that into the peaks. I have heard rumors of why, but I think its simple superstition," as if he was not completely certain.

"I seen a few o' em, but we wez told we best keep clear o' em. Seems they all don't act right," replies Asbjorn. He had never completely understood why the other skinners avoided them until he had approached a lone one years ago. He had gotten close when he had smelled that reek and he could see that whatever blight it had he had no desire of getting.

Asbjorn finally mounts up and starts toward the valley of the mount that the dwarves call home. The wind continues to howl unabatedly, but by mid afternoon they finally reach the small conifers of the valley. The verdent green trees were fragrant and smelled clean. As they descended into the copse it thickened and soon were moving much slower. Needles crunched under their mounts feet and soft whispers of birds sung from above. At each call the companions were startled by the sounds, being only nominally aware of birds at all.

10-22-2009, 12:15 PM
The forest thickened just before it reached the rising peak. A small fire crackles in a pit surrounded by small stones, the smoke rising up in between the interlocking branches. The fire warmed the small area, and cast an orangey glow that gave everything a distinct hue. It reflects in Adiir’s one good eye, giving him an almost demonic look.

The sounds of crunching float through the trees, and Adiir tightens his grip on the massive axe. A smile grosses his tattooed face as he plods out into the open, recognizing the sounds of the ponies. The sounds of the forest are lost on the Slayer, who, in truth, felt more at home outside now than underground. Being away from everything for so long tended to change a Dwarf though, and Adiir wasn’t without his quirks.

“Asbjorn ye durned fool!” The gravelly voice bursts from Adiir with a smile. The Slayer, while not tall for a Dwarf, is massive. He looks at least as wide as he is tall, and huge slabs of muscle cover his exposed upper body. Most of his skin is inked with intricate swirls and odd patterns, and his one good eye glistens with not a little bit of madness. His other eye is covered by a crude leather patch, and a scar is visible peeking out from either side of it. Adiir’s beard is long and red, braded with gold ringlets. His nose is pierced, as is his ear, and a large gold chain loops between the two. Perhaps the oddest thing though is his hair. His head is shaved on either side, but the middle is long, and swooped up in a large Mohawk, held with grease and fat.

The Slayer clutches his massive Axe in one meaty paw, and reaches up the other to clasp Asbjorn’s arm, before turning to look at the rest of the party. He blinks for a moment, surprised, then looks up at Asbjorn. “I’m the be leading all o’ you?”

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10-22-2009, 10:13 PM
Ferous preps his bedding when the booming voice of Adiir shatters the silence.

Immediately grabbing his shield, Ferous draws Drek Krumh and the ache cycles through his right shoulder and elbow.

Looking up over the edge of his shield, he is greeted with a massive dwarf that looks as alien to him as if an elf had walked into the camp.

"Clangeddin's whiskers", he says under his breath, "that dwarf is the size of my mount."

Ferous lowers his shield and slightly relaxes his grip on the black axe. He blatantly stares at Adiir, as he doesnt know how to take him in. A slight smile is on his lips as he thinks "If this Dwarf is half as fearsom as he looks, we will be in good hands."

10-25-2009, 02:19 PM
Ertryd is relaxing before the fire when she is startled out of her thoughts by the booming voice. She recognizes the speech as a greeting to one of their own, however, and smoothes her rumpled nerves. She is taken aback at the appearance of the feral-looking dwarf, as she has never seen one so wild. She decides that she will behave diplomatically, however, as the party could use the help of this new dwarf.

10-29-2009, 11:10 AM
Asbjorn grins at Adiir's voice, "Aye, ain't a one o' us as been more'n three days outta da stead," in responce to the wild dwarf's question. At the sight of the fire he slows the mules, "So I'll be bettin ya din't bring no mule wit ya? Dat er ya's hidin it about I suppose?" as he surveys the camp for any sign of a pack animal. He knew he had an extra, but hated handing off a mule already loaded with gear.

"I'm makin it a few hours till sundown still. How's bout we gets ta movin and talks when we gets ta camp?" as he knows that time is only working against them in a situation like this. Two weeks was quite some time and he had no desire to be dragging it out across the peaks any more then he had to.

"Da rear mule ain't got nuttin but gear, your welcome to it..." as he nodded to his fellow. They could express much without speaking and the sheer size of the party would take some time to cover all the introductions.

10-30-2009, 08:56 AM
A deep rumble echoed through the vale, like Moradin hammering the mountains themselves. Adiir could feel an ache in his bones and joints that suggested a nasty storm was on the way shortly, likely a few hours off. He doubted any of the others were familiar enough with weather to have any inkling of what lay in store.

"Giants?" asked Dolastyr with a questioning face. She had heard of them before, but in the depths of the stead they were nothing more then tales.

"I don't know, but...." replied Barur as if he wished he did know what the source of the deafening rumble was from. He smiled at the strange and violent looking dwarf, "My names Barur, I take it your Adiir? So you are from Adbar? That's very interesting, I'd love to hear your stories..." as he prattled on. Barur always seemed to have some strange desire to speak when he felt uncomfortable. His soft features and youth shone with his naivety and could easily be read upon his face.

"Whacha be tinkin me brudder?" yells Asbjorn from the head of the line toward Adiir.

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10-30-2009, 09:05 AM


"Did you just say giants mum? Can they make the world quake like that, truly?"

Ferous shifts in his uncomfortable saddle looking about and begins to run scenarios of how to defeat a giant. He shivers at the idea of it, and from the fresh cold wind now hitting him, whipping his beard up in his face.

10-30-2009, 09:22 AM
Dolastyr looks at Ferous with wild eyes, "I have heard they are huge and eat us in one bite. The stories tell that we fought them in the old days, but I can't understand how..." as she seems to add to the growing tension.

"I've heard they throw boulders like rocks..." adds Barur quietly. "I'm sure some old tales tell of them Lady Ertryd, do they say how to fight them?" as if begging for some secret to their demise buried in yore.

Asbjorn hears their talk and nods thinking that he would welcome a challenge like that. Some huge monstrosity that would bellow and huff, he doubted that anything of the like was real though. Surely he would have seen something like that in his years on the mount. Mostly what he had seen was the cats of the peaks and the one time he had seen a human. He shivered in his leathers at that last thought. It still woke him at night and was something he could not dwell upon, lest he scare himself. The skinners avoided them at all cost and only fought them if they must, but they all knew enough to smell them at a good distance.

10-30-2009, 10:19 AM
The familiar ache rolls through Adiir’s bones as the rumble passes overhead. The mule under him plods on without hesitation. After only a short while riding, Adiir is already restless. He grumbles low to himself about weakness and letting others do work, but makes no real complaints. The large booming sounds again, and the familiar sounds and feelings of a storm wash over him.

“Giants?” One of the group pipes up, and Adiir can’t help but let out a bark of laughter. The Dwarf nearest to him introduces himself as Barur, and goes on talking. Adiir holds up a great hand, demanding silence from the younger Dwarf. “They talk more than the manlings that travel through here to hunt.” He exclaims, raising his hands and glairing about. “If they were giants they would surely be able to find us!”

Adiir’s one eye glares about for a long moment, then he shrugs. “I’d say let them. That would be a glorious fight indeed. Worthy opponent. “ He smiles to himself, his hand rubbing the axe that is laying across his lap. Suddenly he becomes dour and frowns. “No, it isn’t giants. It’s just a storm. The sky will crash an boom an water will fall. It should be clear by tamorrow. Asbjorn, “ He calls up to the head, looking for the other Dwarf, “This is likely to be a bad storm. I can feel it in me bones. Are we to be riding through it?” He asks, casting his gaze about doubtfully. “If we make camp….then I can tell you some stories.” He says, a sinister looking grin crossing his features.

10-30-2009, 10:35 AM
"I ain't one fer movin trough bad weader," replies Asbjorn. "Let's find a spot fer a camp and wait it out, I been achin fer more o yer tales old freind," says Asbjorn to Adiir. "Glad ta be havin ya along longbeard," as a sign of respect to his comrade. He had little time above the peaks during bad weather and Adiir's knowledge of the upper realms would prove invaluable to the party.

Asbjorn rode a bit further and finally decided upon a spot with a rough cave as the best area for making camp. He stopped the mules and began doing his best at unpacking everything he thought might be useful.

Dolastyr seemed to find the small cave a welcome respite and smiled when it came into view. "This will do perfectly," as she gathered some blankets.

Barur nearly feel off his mule with excitement, "You think anything lives in it?" in a wondered voice.

"A family of giants fer sure," replied a grinning Thoriken. His axe was in his hand with an easy grace as he started investigating the deeper recesses.

"Wit a storm, dere ain't no reason we can't do wit a fire," states Asbjorn as he looks for agreement amongst his fellows.

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10-30-2009, 10:45 AM
Ferous too searches through the deeper reaches of the cave to ensure safety. He hears call for a vote for fire.

"Aye, good idea"

Taking a deep breath Ferous can smell the earth, and it has changed. Heavy with clay, the earth has a bit of a reddish tone to it, though the rocks that make this cave are solid enough. Ferous pats the walls with his hand.

Ferous turns back and upacks his mule, after bringing it in to the cave with the rest of the beasts. He purposely places his sleeping furs and blankets near Dolastyr without being too close.

11-08-2009, 04:18 AM
The cavern extends some sixty feet before it finally closes on itself. Beyond some small insects that scurry from under stones little life seems to reside within.

"I'm thinking we're safe at least fer the night, least from the back o' dis cave that is," smiles Thoriken.

"Barur, why donna ya be collectin me sum wood fer a fyre? Don't be wanderin to far dough.." as Asbjorn finishes tying the mules up.

"I'll start making a pit," states Dolastyr as it seems she finally has found something to occupy her time. She sets to gathering stones for a ring.

"Ferrous," she cries in alarm as she lifts a large stone. At your glance you can see the glint of metal under the newly uncovered stone.

11-08-2009, 03:52 PM
Ertryd follows the group quietly into the cave. She still feels out of place and entirely unfamiliar to the concept of travelling outside of the stead, and as such, is lacking in confidence. She decides that something more familiar would make her more comfortable, so she begins to tell a tale once the campfire is lit.

"Ages ago, there was a young dwarven warrior by the name of Beran. He was eternally faithful to his clanhold. He trained to be a soldier for all his life, until the day came that he was called into battle. The clanhold was under attack by a ruthless army of drow, and every last able-bodied dwarf was called to fight.

“At first, it seemed that there was no hope for the clanhold. The dwarven soldiers were outnumbered 3 to 1 by the drow. The cowardly foe sent in assassins to kill the commanders of the dwarven militia by poisoning them in their sleep. The battle raged on, but the dwarves were left without military leaders.

“The day came when the two armies clashed head on in open conflict. The dwarves fought bravely, but they were sorely outnumbered and there was no one with rank to command them. The tide of battle was in the favor of the cowardly drow. Then Beran stepped forward. He called out formations and thought out strategies to turn the tide of battle in the dwarves’ favor. More than anything, he was an inspiring presence on the battlefield. His hope was infectious, bringing hope to his brethren. Their spirits high, the dwarves fought well and bravely. They still incurred heavy losses, but the drow losses were greater. Finally, the cowardly drow grew fearful of their losses, and they retreated.

“The dwarves rejoiced, and Beran was a hero. One dwarf had stepped forward with hope in his heart, despite of the dire circumstances, and he had turned the tide of the battle in their favor.” Ertryd is feeling more relaxed as she falls into the familiar role of storyteller. This audience is an unusual one for her, as she is used to telling tales for the court, but she doesn’t mind that these are fellow travelers rather than thanes.

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11-09-2009, 07:38 AM
As Ertryd finishes her story and a short silence ensues, Ferous stands. He was greatly moved by her story as it reminded him of the story of his axe. Breaking the silence Ferous booms out,

"Huzzaaah!" And thumps his shield with his axe. "M'Lady..."

Just then he hears Dolastyr and turns to see her expression and object of surprise. Ferous hurries over to her.

11-09-2009, 07:43 PM
Thoriken seems quite moved by the tale, a single tear rolls down his gruff cheek which he quickly wipes away, "Aye a moving tale indeed. Did what was right, just like any good dwarf should," as he nods in thought over the tale.

"Wow, I do wish I could tell a tale like that," adds the young Barur. "I never did quite grasp the finer points, seems I always give away all the good stuff before it gets going," with a grin and a chuckle.

Asbjorn sits through the tale and seems very occupied by the fire, but Ertryd notices his quick glance and nod of approval concerning her choice of tale. He knew what challenges they faced and an inspiring tale at their journeys start would help them through the difficulties they might face in the future.

At Dolastyr's cry everyone springs to their feet, weapons quickly coming to their hands as they try to perceive what threat loomed nearby. Ferrous was closest and was at her side in the flash of a second.

Dolastyr had a strange expression on her face, one the others might say fit someone whom seen a ghost. She still clutched the stone in her hand, having forgotten it in the surprise. Under the stone lay a dirty silver coin, aged and long since forgotten. As Ferrous looked more closely he could make out some Dethek script upon it and the image of what looked like a mountain superimposed by a pick and axe. What immediately stood out in the script was Klängdenstürm written across the top, denoting its minter.

Dolastyr looked up at Ferrous, a look of hope painted across her eyes, "Could it be? They have been lost for so long...."

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11-10-2009, 07:58 AM
Ferous, sliding his axe back into its ring, bends to pick up the coin, cleaning the earth off of it with his thumb. Then holds it up for the others to see and then takes a good look at it.

Then, with it laying flat in his palm, he extends his hand out to Dolastyr, smiling.

"Take a better look Mum. It's quite beautiful."

Ferous sets his shield down,leaning it against his leg, and with his other hand, he takes the rock she is holding so she can take the coin from him.

11-10-2009, 12:20 PM
The woods around the cave are alight with rain drops. They strike Adiir's shoulders and roll down his muscular back, but if he feels them, he shows no sign. He stoops again and adds another arm sized log to the growing pile he holds. He is only gone about five minutes, but when he returns he is drenched. His large crest of red hair is drooping and drips water onto his great braided beard. Despite this he wears a large smile.

His face though, is hidden by the massive pile of logs he is holding. "Aye. I brought more wood fer the fire!" He says, his voice booming in the cave. It echoes back to him, and after a moment he grows irritated that no one bothered to say anything. There is a great clatter as he drops all of the logs right at his feet, and suddenly the pouting Dwarf face is visible.

"What, ye can't be bothered tah help...." His voice fades as he notices everyone gathered around. He moves in close, his wet hair dripping on everyone near. "What did ya find?"

11-10-2009, 06:31 PM
Dolastyr reverently trades Ferrous for the silver coin in exchange for the stone.

"It is a coin Adiir," she says with an awed voice. She holds it for all to see, offering it to Adiir for his examination. "It is from Klangensturm, it is made of their fabled Mithril..." to explain its light weight.

"They have been lost for nearly as long as our own stead. Please look it over and I will tell the tale when we get settled. I only know a small part of the tale, but it should help," she states with a broad smile across her gray cheeks.

Asbjorn looks at the coin a bit dubiously, shaking his head at overlooking such a precious object.

Barur looks at the coin in wonder, as though it had gained in value over the span of mere moments.

Thoriken nods to Dolastyr, "Aye, I remember da tales, to tells the truth, I always thought it a child's tale. Let me scratch my brain a sec and see what I do remember," as his face contorts in thought.

Dolastyr knew it was no coincidence, it was a sign. Dumathoin had strange ways of showing his favor and finding something that had been hidden away was a certainty of his approval. She did not know what else it might symbolize, but she could have leapt into the air at that moment had she been a bit less reserved.

Fly by Knight
11-13-2009, 07:46 AM
Ferous gathers up his shield after tossing the rock. He looks down one more time to see if there were any other coins, kicking the dirt to look beneath the surface.

He thinks to himself looking about the cave again "I wonder who all has camped in this cave"

He comes back to reality and makes his way to the fire where the rest are gathering about to hear Dolastyr's story, standing, leaning on his shield, listening intently to her tale.

11-16-2009, 07:15 PM
As her companions inspect the coin, Dolastyr simply smiles. They gather about the fire as it warms them and pushes aside the weather outside. A chill wind blows inside the cavern, but as they gather together it seems less intimidating somehow.

"I have heard we were once a great nation, that we were called Ammarindar to many. A great calamity befell it and those that survived banded together or fled. It was this that would seal our stead, but only after some time had passed. There were once other great clans that sought refuge within our domain. Theyt yearned to return to their own steads and retake them. Three clans left to seek out their own fallen stead and it was said they had won it. Word came that they had discovered a rich vein of pure mithril and to secure it they had crafted a great maze that only they held the key for. They shunned outsiders and our emmisaries were attacked for fear of us. It was then that we sealed ourselves within our domain. When at last we needed help from the outer world, our great king sent runners to find Klängdenstürm, but they could not. No trace has ever been seen or heard of since. Perhaps we shall gain some knowledge in Loudwater, but I shall take this as a sign. Do their forges still burn? What has befallen our brother clans?" as she looks about the group.

She shakes her head silently,"We asked the Adbarrans if they knew anything, but they had not. Perhaps they have kept quiet or sealed as did we. They were smaller, much smaller then Uerythtar and it would be hard to have survived without trade. It was said that they lay some week further into the peaks then our own stead, so finding the coin here suggests they did trade, at least for some time..." as she breathes out a heavy breath.

Fly by Knight
11-16-2009, 09:22 PM
Ferous stares at the fire listening to the story.

He hears her exhale and waits a moment. "It sounds, mum, that these clansmen had no intention of helping us, and it will be quite a task to gain any trust in them even if we did come across them. Tis a sad story indeed, one of betrayal and mistrust. Its no wonder why our Thanes were so hesitant to send us out into the world."

11-19-2009, 09:24 AM
"Yes, but I think it is a sign," with a look of hope upon her face.

"Hmm, guess'll be cookin den, i'ffn no ones aversed ta eatin," states Asbjorn as he begins collecting things for dinner.

"Dinner sounds great, I'm starving," offers the young Barur with hungry eyes.

Thoriken merely shakes his head, Barur was the youngest in this group and he wondered if he knew the danger he faced in this journey. He vowed to watch out for the younger dwarf on this trek, should anything befall him he would never forgive himself.

"Ferrous, I had seen your axe, could I ask about it? That is if your comfortable telling us?" Dolastyr asks quietly. She had seen it and wondered, but was uncertain about his feelings concerning such a familial heirloom.

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11-19-2009, 03:04 PM
Ferous looks at Dolastyr, almost unsure what it is she asks of him. He stands slowly letting his shield fall by his leg.

Ferous pulls from its ring an axe, black as night and though his armor may looks a bit dusty, the axe is clean and obviously meticulously cared for.

He looks about the fire, seeing the expectant faces of his companions, and the wariness comes upon him at once. The same feelings felt when he met Osk were once again in his stomach, and Ferous can visibly be seen saying something to himself as he eyes the weapon in his hands..
Ferous clears his throat and speaks softly.

“M’lady Ertryd Uerthshield, it would be a great honor if you would sing a song of my axe’s history, if you know of it once I am finished. “ He glances at the Ertryd shortly before looking at Dolastyr then again at his axe.

“The request you have of me mum, is not a story of my axe, but a story of my family. So I apologize if I carry on a bit as I am no singer of songs, but it is the story told to me. So this is the story of my family told by my Grandfather.”

Ferous takes a deep breath and stares into the fire for a short period, then his eyes come up to confront the group gathered about the fire.
As Ferous speaks, its immediately noticeable that he has a very strong accented tone, one he does not speak with, it harkens to the way the old ones speak and some still do in this party. His voice booms off of the walls of the cave as he begins to tell his tale.

"Long ago our blood, known to his fellows as Goldvein, was casted out from his clan. This was the age of Ammirindar, the age of dwarves," as he reverted to an ancient way of speaking. "He had been mighty in many battles, but had bested a Thanes son for insulting his wife and as recompense were cast into the mountains. He did what he could surviving the cold and doing what he might to feed his family. Long did they dwell amongst the wilderness bereft of their kin and clan. Many years had passed before he found a group of wanderer's. They were to form a great hall and to live as dwarves should beneath the stone as Moradin had bade them. They took pity upon what had occurred to Goldvein and offered him a place in their great city. They only asked of him to wield his blade. It had such feelings that came with it that it brought him pain to bear it. He knew he must, for his family needed it though he vowed that when they were finished with him and his blade that he will place it away and he could do what all dwarves should. He fought to his deathbed upon the field of battle, where he fell wounded and dying. A priest of the all father approached and asked of his wishes. He bade them deliver his axe unto his wall, that it may hang there as he rests and should his children ever need take it from there and do what they must, but when they have no more blood upon their hands then they may bear that they replace it upon the wall wherein it shall be the stone that sets you free of the constraints held in this world and in resting it shall you find peace.”

Ferous pauses slightly, his eyes welling.

“Yea, it be called Dreck Khrumh, Dark Bringer.”

Ferous looks directly at Dolastyr. His accent fades away as he speaks again.

“I am Ferous Goldvein, Son of Sactim the Quick, Blood of Sact the Smeller, Keeper of Drek Krumh, we are of the Brotherhood of the Deep Delving, and I got this axe from the wall of Goldvein. It is our blood that we mine and shed for this calling, blood I shed willingly for any of you..at any time.”

Ferous stops, and looks about the fire at his companions, not knowing how he will be received as they are all of worthy blood and livelihood. He takes a deep breath and releases it, out of relief that his tale is over for it racked him to his soul just as the first time he heard it.

12-01-2009, 10:42 AM
Dolastyr listened intently to the tale her companion told with a sense of pride that seemed to grow as he spoke. The tale was intense to hear and she knew all too well that it must have been very dear to her friend to learn its tale.

"You have the soul of a poet dear Ferrous, your blood sings the tale as a true Goldvein. Your clan is proud of you and in your hands shall such a relic find purpose and add volumes to its legend," as she realizes that everyone was looking at her. She blushes, her ashen cheeks turning a ruddy shade.

"Aye me laddy, tis a fine weapon indeed," states Asbjorn with a slight cough to cover the lurch in his throat after hearing the moving tale.

"It looks like its forged of the dark," says Barur in a naive tone as he stares in amazement at the instrument that seems to have captured everyone's attention.

"Tis a great name and a fine axe, yer always welcome at me side in the darkened tunnels under da stead wit a blade like dat. I gots jis a simple axe, but it cuts fine enough fer me," states a smiling Thoriken with a heavy pat to Ferrous' back.

Fly by Knight
12-04-2009, 08:21 AM
Ferous smiles at their reactions, especially Dolastyr's.

"Thanks everyone, I am no poet, it just means a great deal to me. I only just learned of this axe's story and was given in by my father and grandfather. I'm happy to have told you its story as I know it."

"It would mean a great deal to me if m'lady here could sing a song about it, or if you know more mum, shed more light upon its history."

Ferous sits back down, happy to have shared, and happy to be out of everyone elses attention at the same time, and takes a long drink.

12-16-2009, 04:41 PM
Ertryd looked at the weapon in his hands, her mind deep in thought as if dredging the vast stories for one that held such a dear item. She nodded silently to herself, taking a deep breath in anticipation of the cadence of the tale. It was old, the cantor very odd and she guessed as to the reason.

"Dreck Khrumh, Dark Bringer. In fair Ammarindar long ago was fought a bloody war, one we felt should not be fought. One of our sons had been cast out of the Mordinsammon and we did as was done in the heavens. We did war upon his chosen," with a sorrowful look at Dolastyr. "Deep within the earth did we return our blood to the all father. It was here that we found this blade, the Dark Bringer. It was carried by a great Thane of the Duergar, though his name be not known to me. In solitary challenge was he killed, but not without his own skill. It was said that he could command darkness to bear and that no one witnessed the battle," she takes a deep breath here and glances quickly toward Ferous a look of hesitation in her eyes.

"It was taken up by a thane and treated with respect as dwarven made and desrving of respect. It passed into many hands, fathers to sons, as Moradin wished all things to be. Lost was its origins, crafted in another's culture and secrets I can not fathom," as she finishes.

"That is all I know, I fear it is not much. The tale is old and in only a single book. I would have never put it together if it had not been for the name, it is referred to as Dark Bringer only. I can only assume it is the same, though It could not be," she says.

"Yeah, it be the one," says Dolastyr in a quiet voice. "I recognized it once I laid my eyes upon it. It is spoken of in the many stories we have about our kin. Three clans dwell within Uerythtar, though we passed many in our return. Some were lost to the exile, forsaking their blood and becoming lost in the black. We tried to reason, but they would not listen. Hate and fear clouded their eyes, they believed the family had abandoned them to our depraved masters. They dwell there to this day," as her voice gains more volume.

"Many were the challenges our kin faced when they won their freedom, the drow stood amongst our greatest rivals. In a great underground city my kin gathered, Gracklstugh by name, there they forged weapons to face their rivals. Dreck Khrumh was amongst them. I know little more and had never heard the tale of war, though it does not surprise me," an understanding glance toward Ertryd. "It was said that it could collect the black and forge it as did the Exile. It was used to hunt their rivals and protect their stead. I am glad to see it in our blood's hands and it brings pride that it may do good there," with long look at Ferous.

"Drow killin axes," says Thoriken a look of deep reverence on his face.

Barur stares as a child being told a nightime tale, never having dawned upon him the age of his culture nor its immediacy.

"Well me lids are a fallin me fella's," yawns Asbjorn. "I'll be headin fer me sack, wake me at mid watch," toward Ferous and Ertryd assuming they choose watches.

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12-17-2009, 11:11 AM
"Thank you for this information, it means much to me and to my familly."

Ferous looks about as people begin to retire, though he is wide awake after this information.

"I will take first watch and will wake m'lady for the second."

Ferous walks a bit into the cave, turning his back to the back of the cave and facing the mouth and sits down. There in the dark he contemplates his role in this quest. Just a few short days ago, he was a bored member of the militia, hanging on way past his contracted time. Not because of his want for adventure or need for excitement, but because of his lack of direction and overall feeling of uselessness. Now, as Ferous breathes in the smell of clay, smoke, and the open air, a new feeling is arising in Ferous, one that he has only felt in brief moments of his previous life. That is the feeling of being usefull, the feeling of belonging, and the feeling of pride in his family and race.

There in the dark, Ferous smiles a deep broad smile and swears once again to protect these people and this cause with his life.

12-21-2009, 08:26 PM
Dolastyr moves to sit near you, indicating she will share the first watch of the evening. As the rest finally begin to sleep she nods toward the front of the cavern, in an attempt to speak without waking the others.

"I hope what I had said did you no injustice," with a concerned look upon her brow.

It had been determined that the watches were to be split into three and that you two would take first, being relieved by Asbjorn and Adiir, being relieved by Thoriken, Ertryd, and Barur taking the last. Each would last a sum of about four hours, hopefully to allow everyone a chance at getting a good nights sleep. Days now only allowed about 12 hours of daylight and no one had voiced wanting to move in the dark of night.

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12-22-2009, 08:25 AM
Ferous watches Dolastyr get up and walk over towards him. He continues his smile looking directly at her as she sits down. For him, her silence is a bit disconcerning, as he still feels a bit awkward after their embrace in her home. They had not spoken since that day alone and as she speaks, he listens and then keeping his smile.
“Mum, I look at what you said, and what Erstyd said as the truth. I knew that this weapon had a long history, perhaps not that long, but all the same, it’s the truth. You did not offend me at all, as I’m thankful for the truth, something you have always given me since I have met you.”
Ferous pauses for a moment.
“You know, what is interesting about this axe is, when it’s wielded, it gives a dull pain to it’s wielder. I believe it reflects the pain that Goldvein felt having to use the axe to become part of a Clan Hold, and also the pain that is brought when having to use it. It’s edge brings death and life, as its history shows the same. Does that make sense?”
He looks directly at Dolastyr.
“Until recently, I never gave a thought of what a weapon would be for, other than a tool. I thought of an axe the same as I thought of a pick. Granted, I always kept my weaponry clean and sharp, but so does the miner who harvests the earth’s blood. This axe is a symbol of my Clan and people, I am honored to wield it, and honored to be trusted with it. These events that have unfolded since meeting you in the underdark have changed me forever, in the sense that I can never go back to being a militia man. Actually, things have changed for me so drastically since meeting you, that I’m not sure what is in store for me, and I like it.”
He looks away now, at the fire and the sleeping figures.
“How do you feel about all of this, about your place with Thane Osk after all of this has happened? Life has changed for you also mum, have you given it thought?”

01-07-2010, 11:36 AM
She leans back, pondering Ferrous' question. Her ashen lips and brow furrowed with thought. "Change is in the air and has seemed to follow me about for most of my days. I was the first priest of the Keeper that was not male. It had never just never been done before and many were resistant to it. It was Thane Osk who fought hard and eventually decided it. I have a feeling he even went so far as defying many elders in so doing, though I could not say for certain."

"It was he that dictated my duties amongst the chosen. He that spoke of that blessed area and he that instilled enough faith that I recognize your presence there as a sign," her soft eyes turning from the bleak weather outside to your own.

"I thought it presumptuous to even propose I journey with you all, yet he read my mind. I have often felt close to him as a Thane and friend. I can not say whether it be Osk himself or Dumathoin guiding his hand, but I feel change in the air and more hinges upon our success then a simple trade agreement. It is our crucible, our decision whether we shall fade as so many others or emerge into the world again and reclaim our place," her voice rising in emotion. She seems startled as she finishes and shyly laughs.

Fly by Knight
01-07-2010, 04:04 PM
Ferous smiles as she finishes her words. He reaches out and places his hand upon hers.

"I'm very happy and not surprised at all at the Thanes decision."

He gives her hand a slight squeeze and then withdraws it, still looking upon her.

"I thought it was a given that you would go, it only seemed apropriate. Did Thane Osk teach you personally, or did you learn from other priests? Either way, those teachers of yours must be proud at who and what you have become. Dont be so surprised at your position and quest, mum. You have earned it."

He looks back to the fire and shakes his head.

"Your right, change is in the air, I am beginning to sound like you."

Looking back at her.

"Either way, I am very happy you came and are here Dolastyr."

01-07-2010, 08:59 PM
She nodded in agreement, her eyes drifting back toward the fire.

She motioned and stood quietly as she made her way toward the opening to the cavern.

"I want to see the stars," she whispered. She crept slowly her grace being quite remarkable.

Together they sat staring at the stars, enjoying the cool wind upon their face. The rain had finally abated some and though only a few specks of light peeked in the sparse openings, the watch passed quickly and uneventfully.

01-09-2010, 10:32 AM
A soft shake wakes Ertryd from her slumber. "Hey Ertryd, you awake?" in a young voice that sounds much too excited for this late in the evening.

"No she ain't awake you ninny, she was sleepin" replies a gruffer voice in consternation. Thoriken had wanted to let her sleep through the watch, but apparently he had not kept quite a close eye on Barur as he had wanted to.

01-11-2010, 11:35 AM
"Well, I'm awake now. Is there some reason you want to speak with me, or is it my turn for the watch?" She sits up and stretches as she speaks to Barur, working her shoulder a little to loosen up the muscles tense from sleeping on the ground.

01-11-2010, 07:40 PM
"I was just gonna ask her a question," Barur replies in a slightly hurt voice.

"I was gonna be lettin ya sleep trough da night. Me an' the sleepin fairy coulda handled it fine, but its yer watch wit us. Yer welcome to be sleepin er watchin, I promise ta be keepin a better eye on me new partner," says Thoriken with a squinting eye trained upon the young dwarf.

"But, but... huh," says the younger dwarf in resignation. "Guess it can wait till morning," as he crawls away with shoulders shrugged and a downcast face.

01-12-2010, 11:47 AM
"That's thoughtful of you Thoriken, though I plan to pull my own weight in our travelling party, so I'll take watch now." She turns to Barur, with a note of encouragement in her voice, "You can ask me that question now, unless it's something you wanted to keep private between us."

01-12-2010, 07:30 PM
"I wern't sayin ya couldn't, just looked a bit tired was all," Thoriken says as an explanation. "Rain slacked off a bit, I'm gonna step outside a bit and get my bearin's" as he moves beyond the fire and toward the mouth of the cavern.

Barur just watches him with a look of misunderstanding, then stands and offers you a hand up. "We all get the same watch, us three. They said it could be dangerous, last watch and all," indicating the sleeping companions.

"So you suppose were going to be seeing any giants along the way? I've heard tell about some mountain cat that's dangerous, but the stories I read are pretty old," shrugging his young shoulders an excited look in his eyes. "What about orcs and goblins? I bet Thoriken would kill em and eat em," as he mimics his dialect toward the end of the conversation.

"Oh, I almost forgot," as he loudly spits upon the ground. It appears to not come naturally to the young dwarf. "He said to do that when you talk about them, did I do that right?" hoping she might shed some light on the strange and enigmatic custom. From outside the cavern she hears something that sounds like a heavy sigh and possibly a deep chuckle.

01-13-2010, 10:10 AM
Ertryd smiles a little, "I'm sure you've done it just right, young Barur."

Straightening up again, she addresses the rest of his concerns, "It's certainly possible, maybe even probable, that we will come across some of those creatures on our travels. We just have to keep our wits about us and know our limits if we are to survive. We have some experienced warriors among our group, so I'm confident that we will make it to our destination alive." She smiles warmly to reassure the young dwarf.

"And as to Thoriken's dietary preferences: if he does eat orcs and goblins, you should ask him if he has any good recipies." Ertryd grins mischievously and glances over at the mouth of the cave to see if Thoriken has anything to add.

01-13-2010, 02:35 PM
A loud hurrumph can be heard outside the cave, "all gristle..."

Barur laughs quietly at her joke. "The stars are wonderful outside, the clouds are still in the sky, but you can see a few peek out. You want to see them?" a spark of excitement again returning to his face.

Thoriken peeks his head just inside the cave a look of concern on his face,"I think me might have somtin out here dearies..." as the glint of his axe reflects the fire.

01-14-2010, 10:27 AM
Instantly serious, Ertryd grabs her bow and quiver as she heads quickly for the door. In a low voice, she asks Thoriken, "what do you see?"

01-15-2010, 08:43 AM
He stands still some few feet away from the entrance, very still. "Think I saw sometin movin behind them trees," as he motions toward a copse some distance away.

As you peer over, your eyes slowly shift to the heat gradient and you too see something some small creatures behind the trees. They are very small, perhaps the size of a dwarf's head. They appear to be sitting very still.

01-16-2010, 05:52 PM
"What sort of creature do you think they are?" she asks in a hushed voice. Ertryd grips her bow tighter, nervous at the prospect of a confrontation so early in their travels.

01-19-2010, 03:58 PM
He grips his axe in his hands, his eyes squinting sharply. "Cain't say fer sure. Sure do look a bit small... Whadda ya suppose lives up 'ere?"

Barur looks from behind the two of you, peering hesitantly. "Are those rabbits?" he asks in a questioning voice.

01-21-2010, 09:52 AM
Ertryd momentarily has a look of surprise and embarrassment on her face, but hastily wipes the look off in an attempt to preserve some level of dignity. She clears her throat and attempts a recovery, "Well, at least we know we have the option to hunt for fresh meat when we get tired of the rations."

01-23-2010, 07:24 PM
Still looking very worried a stressed Thoriken looks at you with wide eyes, "What are Rabbits?" in a very ominous voice.

Barur suppresses a chuckle as he awaits your explanation, hoping you might be a bit better in explaining away his worry. You do notice Barur creep back into the cavern and heads to his belongings.

01-24-2010, 08:04 PM
"Aren't those the pests that sometimes get into our food supplies? The ones with the long noses, whiskers, and long pink tails...?" Ertryd seems a little confused, but she is making a gallant effort to appear to be otherwise. Realizing that she is probably making a worse fool out of herself, she finally says, "I believe they are not dangerous."

01-29-2010, 02:45 PM
Thoriken simply shrugs his shoulders and seems put off that it might not be the threat he previously had anticipated. "Sure could be, can't say though..."

A slight rustle and Barur comes to stand near you with a very strange weapon indeed for a dwarf. He draws a crossbow and carefully notches a bolt taken from his case. Pulling the string with some exertion, he finally feels comfortable with his assessment. Of course Thoriken looking over his shoulder seems to keep him on edge. He aims slowly, taking the surroundings and space into consideration...

Barur releases his bolt

One of the small creatures jerks violently as its compatriots scatter quickly. He smiles a bit, "Think I hit one," as he stands and starts out to collect his prize.

04-15-2014, 01:15 PM
Barur walks cautiously toward the bracken, paying attention to the area around him. Though he had grown up in Illethkeep and was a bit more awre of the outside realm, he still was young and truth be told a healthy fear of the unknown. Reaching down he retrieved a small animal that held his deadly bolt. Hesitantly he smelled it, wondering if its smell was normal.

"I got one!" in a wide eyed innocent tone. Truthfully he wondered exactly what he would do with this creature, he only guessed that the mule skinner would know more about these strange long eared creature he had only read about.

The sun was rising in the East and a soft glow was rising along the horizon. Though most of the dwarves had at one point seen a rising sun, it was not something most had become familiar with.

04-27-2014, 08:35 AM
" I want to see what it tastes like," as the younger dwarf begins heading back toward the campfire.

The sun had slowly crossed the horizon and the world was alight in a wash of colors and hues. The crisp mountain air was blowing briskly and the bright light had started the slumbering dwarves to stirring. The day was anew and they had much distance to travel before they reached their destination of a strange alien town.

Fly by Knight
04-28-2014, 08:32 AM
Ferous looks at the thin whiskered varmint and cringes his nose, buckling his armor. "Looks like it needed to eat more than we did."

04-28-2014, 06:12 PM
Dolastyr simply smiles as she soaks in the situation. The light from the sun was still a bit strong for her sensitive eyes, but the humor of Barur and his victorious prize was not missed. She just hoped she had not offended him by appearing to laugh at him personally.

Asbjorn was trying to wrest control of his hair and beard while driving away the sleep as he had heard Barur's approach. Turning he spotted the 'trophy', and grunted in recognition. "S'ppose yer ta be wantin it skinned and kleened fer ya, Eh me laddy?" reaching into his bag to pull a well honed and used old knife. It looked ancient, but everyone knew that could be the sharpest knife in the camp. "Come ere, I'll showsya how we skinners do it,..." hoping he might at least turn one bout of work into a lesson that could pay off on this adventure. "Indeed" piped Barur immediately moving his kill to the grizzled old skinner. He had wondered how exactly he would perform this operation with his hand axe and was quite happy he had not voiced his question aloud.

Fly by Knight
04-29-2014, 10:11 AM
Ferous takes a bite of jerky as he watches them. He looks at Dolastyr then the others. He begins to feel a bit tense, as these people are so interested with a small furry beast as this huge world lay beyond the mouth of the cave. Ever since leaving on the mission and feeling his connection with it, he has felt quite overwhelmed. This causes him to grip tightly his axe that brings darkness, and each time he does, a dull ache pulses through his body.

04-29-2014, 02:18 PM
Adiir seems a bit uncomfortable in the company of so many dwarves, it had been awhile since he had so many around him. He began to realize what he had thought he missed, might actually be a bit unnerving. He pulled out some jerky as well and watched as the older skinner showed the young priest how to skin a rabbit and cook what gristle was left. He had a feeling that Asbjorn might be dawdling a bit, but he guessed it was to let some of the other dwarves get a bit more used to the light and feel before pushing for distance. They had weeks ahead of them, one hours distance in that regard seemed small.

After the rabbit was cleaned, cooked, and samples offered to all members by Barur he thanked Asjorn for the lesson. The wild skinner harrumphed a response. He gathered what was left of his possessions. "Mite as well be finishin yer yammerin while we make some distance," as a way of gathering and focusing the charges.

"Let's see what we kin find today," as he went to his mule, overlooking it and filing his items into its saddlebags.

Dolastyr and Adiir both follow, Barur behind them with a wooden stick with burned rabbit on it. "S'really good, won some," he offers to Ferous with his mouth chewing.

Fly by Knight
04-30-2014, 09:38 AM
Ferous reaches out taking the stick then smells the meat. With a satisfied look, he takes a bite. He smiles, then takes another bite. "Not bad" he says with a surprised look. He hands the stick back to Barur then turns and walks to the cave opening.

Shading his eyes, he looks across the land scape, taking deep breaths, finding it so alien. While there is the smell of earth, it is masked with foreign smells that he has not yet experienced.

05-24-2014, 07:31 PM
The dwarves collect their gear and begin readying their mounts for the days ride. None knew what the day held for them, but for some strange reason the danger seemed far more imminent. The safety of the stead and their families acted as a blanket that had been carelessly thrown aside and the chill of morning had taken them aback. The ponies grunted under the weight and gear, their glassy eyes watering in the morning light. A grey and bleak weather worn game trail lay ahead of them.

"I often wonder what way me forefadders came to be findin dis stead?" Asbjorn said to no one in particular. He seemed to watch all the small things that many overlooked and things said so simply belied a deeper wonder beneath his gruff and unkempt appearance. He seemed to realize he had said too much, "Well dat is i'ffn clanless dwarves had em..." which seemed to deflate something deep within him. He sank into the saddle. Dolastyr looked questioningly toward Ferrous, an unspoken question that he might enlighten her.

Fly by Knight
05-27-2014, 03:30 PM
"I know they had forgathers Asbjorn, otherwise I would have not heard of the story of my kin and this axe. Families were fractured and clans spread like the end of a beard. I think those were the true brave ones, those who struck out for their family, not for their clan. It must have been a very difficult time"

05-28-2014, 04:27 PM
Asbjorn nods while pondering this, through his many years of searching and working towards restoring his fathers name he realized he had never looked toward the future of the family. He had been rooted in the past, in this long lost crime that had remain unsolved. There was little he could do to find something that others had failed to find so many years ago. "Aye, yer right. Guess I been runnin from me shame fer quite sum days. Twern't nuttin I did, still down deep I knows differn't. I ain't one fer runnin no more. I aim to see dis through," as he squeezes his legs on the mule. "Time's a wastin me kin, I aim to be makin a few more hills today at da least!" toward the group as he begins quickening his pace and the ground between himself and the stead.

Dolastyr smiles at you, she is not fully certain what was said to make him change his attitude, but is grateful to see him in better spirits.

"Whoa," cries Barur with some trepidation. The newer speed gave him a fright and he is far more unaccustomed to travel by pony.

Fly by Knight
05-31-2014, 12:53 AM
Keeping pace with the others. Ferrous does his best to be alert amongst the many new sights and sounds.

06-01-2014, 05:28 PM
The morning is still a bit cool, the winds up in the upper reaches is quite breezy. Travel is slow at times, but steady as Asbjorn leads a brisk and relentless pace through very rough and unbroken game trails. He occasionally glances upward and seems to take an account of the sun's position before moving onward. Lunch is accomplished on pony back, though a few in the party voice a bit of concern. The trails blend with one another as the group settles into a rhythm.

The sun begins to fall when the party reaches a deeper ravine and the party comes to stop. It has been a very good day of travel, with no real situations arising. The party begins to set up camp, as they have no shelter or cavern in sight.

Fly by Knight
06-03-2014, 01:28 PM
Ferous does a quick head count to ensure none were lost as he slowly creeks off of his mount.

He looks about him, taking in his surroundings. "We will need a watch set up tonight for sure.
If you all wish, I will take first watch."