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09-27-2009, 09:43 AM
I am looking to start a campaign at the Game Parlor in Woodbridge, VA. I've just moved int the area and I'd like tog et to meet the local Hero System gamers and perhaps introduce some folks who have never played.

The campaign will take place in my published fantasy setting of Kamarathin. I'll supply the books necessary and I'll be available for any and all questions.

I prefer campaigns that have a solid mix of combat and roleplaying and I like characters to have interesting story hooks that I can take from their backgrounds. Team players are a must.

I will also be using this group as potential recruits for playtesters on future titles.

Games will start at 5pm and go until closing at 9pm. If this schedule proves to be too short for gaming and the group proves to be a solid one, then I may move the game to my place and extend the play time.

The Burning Light Campaign

Duchy of Len

Current Ruler: Duke Sean of House Kevina
Capital City: Ninina
Languages: Igardian is far and away the most common.
Major Resources: Lumber, furs, stone and Blue Steel.
Religion: The Church of Asuna and the Old Faith share the region but the Order of the Burning Light has been making inroads along the Priell River.
Racial Mix: As with most duchies, the Tursh are far and away the most common, though there some Aigulf clans within the Nirrah hills.
Overview: The Len Duchy is a bit of an anomaly among the eastern duchies. It is the nearly the smallest of the duchies, but is one of the richest due to the vast veins of Blue Steel ore that lie within the duchies borders in the Bethom Hills. Though that is definitely a point of interest, the true oddity is that this little duchy maintains a combined force of Order of the Spear paladins and Old Faith druids ready to repel any future invasions from the Gwen Duchy.

The Sentinels of Len were formed back in 1500 A.F. when Archbishop Arre invaded the Len and Joneal duchies. Dozens of Order of the Spear paladins, who own a large Chapter House in the village of Dorginia on the Priell River, came to the call of several Druids and their faithful in the early stages of the war. The leaders of both religious groups put aside their differences in the face of the greater threat.

Ever since, the Sentinels have patrolled the river villages, capturing or killing members of the Order of the Burning Light as they find them. This combined force has been very effective, forcing the Order to go underground. Religious disputes between the Druids and the Paladins have transformed into a synthesis of both religions and the Word of the Sentinels has started to draw new adherents from among the peasantry; it is only a matter of time before the Church’s attention is drawn to this and Asuna only knows what their reaction will be.

The general demeanor of the duchy is one of fierce independence and the nobility only mirrors this. The area has always been known as the ‘Eastern Highlands’ and the more ‘refined’ nobles of Eastern Tursh will generally have little to do with the Lensmen, until the discussion turns to the acquisition of Blue Steel.

Duke Sean is perfectly fine with all this and generally has a grand time attending the balls and ceremonies of the other nobles, knowing full well that they have only invited him out of political necessity. He particularly delights in affecting the mannerisms of the uncouth miner before springing some well timed play of words upon the unsuspecting eastern noble. The tales of his adventures in the courts of other nobles has been the mainstay of Lennic taverns and firesides for nearly a decade.

Bremy Barony

Current Ruler: Baron Kriman of House Bremy
Capital City: Encott
Languages: Igardian, Rivertongue and Aigulf prevail while Nelick can be found occasionally closer to the Domhar Province in Beilean.
Major Resources: Lumber, furs, stone and Blue Steel.
Religion: The Church of Asuna and the Old Faith share the region but the Order of the Burning Light has been making inroads along the Priell River.
Racial Mix: As with most baronies, the Tursh are far and away the most common, though there are some Aigulf clans within the Nirrah hills. In the extreme western portions of the Nirarh Hills, one will occasionally encounter Beilenic canids from the Domhar Province.
Overview: The Bremy Barony is a small barony approximately 80 miles across from any direction. It is located at the headwaters of the Priell River and has become a major trade center for the Duchy, acting as the middleman for trade with the Domhar Province and the merchants that ply the open seas.

Baron Kriman is a large man, standing well over 6’ tall and weighing as much as 300 pounds. He is in his middle years and is commonly known as an unpleasant individual with a near overwhelming passion for music. He, himself, has middling skill and prefers a good lute, but he is a patron of the arts and musicians from across the Duchy vie for his favor.

The baron’s wife, Baroness Islan, is quite young, at the tender age of 15. Where the baron is known for his sheer size, the demure baroness is barely 5’ and straw thin. The little baroness is known for her wry sense of humor and her hypnotic eyes nearly as well as she is known for her constant state of inebriation. Drunk or sober it is said that getting a straight answer from her is like trying to convince a Gwensman to piss on an Asunites Fist, forget trying to get anything honest from her.

The baron adores his little baroness and treats her with kid gloves as if she were made of glass. The baroness takes great advantage of this and monopolizes the baron’s attention, more to bring him suffering than for any real need. This has left the running of the barony in the hands of Kriman’s sister, Lady Liriss. Many rumors are about that claim the marriage between Kriman and Islan was arranged by Liriss for this exact reason.

Lady Liriss has run the barony well, however, and few complain when her tax collectors come calling. The lordling has little love for the Duchy of Gwen and little trust for her neighboring barons, but she is a consummate negotiator and planner, having secured alliances with those she fears the most and has made inroads with the Domhar Province as well.

Life for the commoners is relatively peaceful outside of the common bandits and occasional raids from the zealots of the Burning Light. Religious tensions among the barony generally do not exist and followers of the Old Faith and the Church of Asuna are on a live-and-let-live basis.

There is only one large town in the Barony, the capitol; Encott, located near the headwaters of the Priell. The rest of the barony is made up of small villages and townships that rarely reach populations over a couple hundred. In fact most are small mining concerns in the Nirrah Hills and run by a knighted member of a mining guild.

One such village, Pesell Township lies at the south western end of the barony, at the foot of the Nirrah Hills. Pesell is a small mining town run by Lady Miel of House Nithret and a standing Master of the Rone’s Peak Miners Guild. The town’s population was just shy of 100 souls and was dedicated to a pair of iron mines, The Smuggler and The Guardian.

That is, until recently. The township was razed. All indications point towards a band of Burning Light zealots though the village was well away from the normal range of zealot attacks. This irregularity has caused some to believe that there were other forces at work here and rumors from the mystical and mundane have spread like wildfire. There were no survivors of the incident and friends and family of the victims that were away are only now returning to claim the bodies of their loved ones and to give them proper burials, revenge burns in the heart of many, but only a few have the courage to follow through.

You are one of those few.
Campaign Guidelines

The Burning Light Campaign

· The players are going to be among the returning members of the village; they must either be from Pesell Township or have lived there long enough to have established long term friends and/or family there.
· Ideally, the PC’s will all know of one another if not actually related in some fashion.
· Players will need to focus on building their characters with ties to the region; no orphaned loners or other emo style backgrounds will be accepted.
· The PC’s are the good guys, no character more evil/selfish than Han Solo will be allowed.
· The character’s must be team players and capable of working with a group for a shared goal.
· Characters with any form of noble background or ties/contacts with the nobility must first get approval from the GM and they must be tied to the noble lines already mentioned in the write-up above.
· I would prefer that races that are found commonly within the barony be used.
· If a race is desired that is not common to the area, the characters background must take this into account and explain why that character is in this small village so far away from their normal surroundings.
· Character backgrounds must be plausible within the setting. This means that children of gods, transplants from other dimensions/times/continents, animated constructs, fantasy monsters/creatures, etc. are not allowed. Oddities must be passed by the GM and approved or they are not allowed.
· I do not like characters that are one trick ponies or two-dimensional combat monsters. They bore me and will thus get little if any spotlight time.
· No magic items. End of discussion.
· The overall goal of the campaign is to bring the murderers to justice. How that is accomplished and what happens along the way will be determined by the players and their characters actions in-game.
· I expect the players to motivate themselves and fellow party members.
· The overall tone of the campaign will be grey or dark grey. There will be moments of black/white but those will be few and far between. In general, the bad guys will be hard to distinguish from the good guys and often they will be one and the same.
· NPC’s will not be cookie cutter and will not bow to the PC’s simply because they are PC’s. Respect towards the characters must be earned and there are repercussions to your actions, both positive and negative.
· Character death will, hopefully, be rare, but I will not stop a player from doing something incredibly stupid and getting themselves killed.
· I enjoy between game discussions and have a website that we can utilize for just such a thing. Most of my campaign information comes from these discussions as it gives me insight into what the players are thinking and where they are heading, thus giving me time to prepare and encourage their ideas. So the more conversations you have, the more active in the game your ideas will become.
· All characters must start with a Racial Template, a Culture package and at least one Profession Package.

09-29-2009, 06:11 PM
-Just wanted to say welcome to the area. I've read through the HERO systems but could never actually find a group to play with myself.

Just wanted to make sure your running it from 6-9 on monday nights in Woodbridge, VA gameparlor? and are you still looking for players?

09-29-2009, 08:51 PM
Hiya aylith4,

Thanks for the welcome but I must apologize, I talked with the local hero gamers out here and the game day got moved to Sunday from 5-9pm. I never got around to updating the profile.

The game hasn't started yet and I planned on meeting with potential players on the 11th. If Sunday is still ok with you, then by all means come on down.

09-29-2009, 10:03 PM
This is really interesting. I wish I lived closer and was able to come to this. I have been wanting to try out HERO for a while. I wish you good luck!

09-29-2009, 10:08 PM
Thanks Marley. I'm hoping the campaign holds up to the reviews that the setting book has received. :)

09-29-2009, 10:26 PM
sunday actually works a lot better :cool:, any suggestions on what I should bring on sunday?

09-29-2009, 10:30 PM
Just yourself, possibly a notepad and pencil. I don't plan on getting too deep into anything, I really want to get a feel for the interested players and give an overview about the game setting and my GM style.

You can find out more about the setting here: www.d-3games.com (http://www.d-3games.com)

10-13-2009, 02:31 PM
Updated with campaign information