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09-24-2009, 06:54 PM
As he passed through the lower levels of the mines he began to wonder if they truly existed at all. They were whispered amongst those around the forge like some lost relic of Delzoun. He had never heard them mentioned by Balabault, but he doubted he ever would. They were a challenge to his authority and by simple admittance did he grant them power. Best to say nothing and seem to be indifferent. Thon though had his own reasons for coming to investigate.

He rounded yet another dark corner and could see nothing ahead. He only hoped that he were fortunate enough not to bump into anything down in these depths. Whatever lay here would be potent indeed and he had no desire to find any wayward occupants.

"Ghosts in the deep... " he muttered under his beard wondering if he too had fallen prey to some myth and fable that the miners had invented to ease their mind.

09-26-2009, 08:27 AM
Torel knelt in front of Moradins alter as he had for many mornings now, a young acolyte approached entering from the tunnels through the hidden stone door. "Master, I am sorry to disturb you, but there is a dwarf from the hold wandering the deep tunnels as if he were looking for something" Young Taddora spoke. Torel turned slowly towards her, standing fluidly as he did so "Where at Taddora?" he replies. "He is over towards the warrens, Master" she explains. "Very well then Taddora, tank ye, I will go see who our visitor is then, ye kin return to yer duties." Torel speaks solemnly as he glides thru the doorway and into the Underdark. "Yes Sire, as ye say." Taddora replies as he moves away.

Torel moves with practiced ease thru several tunnels and interconnects before hearing the visitor shuffling around ahead of him. He slows down as he approaches the dwarf, carefully looking the dwarf over. He tilts his head as if in remembrance of another time and place, but can not firmly grasp the memory. Hearing the dwarf grumble something about ghosts, he smiles and carefully tosses one of his hammers into the center of the tunnel. After it loudly clambers upon the tunnel floor fully getting the other dwarves attention, "Hail and wel met brodder, long way from the hold fer one of yer standing" Torel calls from the shadows.

09-27-2009, 03:56 PM
Thon jumped as the hammer clattered through the hall, only beginning to breathe again once another dwarf's voice followed it. He had hoped someone would find him here and he could only hope this dwarf was one of them or at least knew where he should go to find them.

"Aye, me brudder. Me names Thon Hammerfall, priest o' the All Father and I be seekin out da ones 'at supposed ta be runnin dese lower halls. Would you be dem?" as he starts toward the voice.

He had wanted to take care of the situation himself, but with Balabault disliking the other clergies, he could not take the situation to the faithful of Dumathoin. He had tried to solve it himself, but he had ran into some problems and he had a feeling if something was not done shortly, then it could only get worse.

"I need's ta be speakin wit yer high preist..." as he knew not the dwarf's name nor title.

09-29-2009, 10:47 AM
"Well met, Master Hammerfall, I be Torel Deldar last of Clan Swifthammer. Me and a few odders wander these tunnels seeking vengenance against the drow but we dunna run them." Torel states plainly as he emrges from the shadows. "I be da one Moradin trained and has bin axed ta train others in his Holy Name."

10-01-2009, 07:11 PM
"By the all fathers blessing it seems I have found the right man then. I have a problem of a somewhat delicate nature and I thought you might be able to help me. I was asked the other day to speak with some devout and very faithful parishioners of our holy father. They seem to be perplexed and at wits end concerning their son's. Their boys all work together in the mines and they started missing any religious event. At first they assumed it because they were busy, but after a few years it has really grown beyond just concern," as he tries to think his way through the next area clearly.

"I sought them out, but I think they are avoiding me and with my lack of expertise in the lower areas of the stead I have yet to actually corner them and seek whats the source of their isolation. I could not reveal the situation to any of the other miners as I do not want any speculation and negative stigma allotted to their clans. They were the ones that brought it to my attention. Now I am telling you this as one priest to another, but I was wondering if you had any ideas that I might use to get to the bottom of this situation?"