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01-16-2007, 12:34 AM
Hello, my name is Hunter and I live in SE Portland, OR. Am married with 2 cats and 2 pugs. Smoker (but usually outside). have played many different games but think dnd is tops. prefer to play in greyhawk or eberron settings. very excited about eberron (which is completely new to me, just got into it in fact). i like to game with about 4-6 people including DM. haven't gamed in over 4 years now and am a bit rusty. have played 3.0 but am new to 3.5. just picked up player's hb and eberron campaign setting. looking to find a good group to spend at least one day (morning, afternoon or evening) a week playing. am very open. have a history of playing elves and half-elves, usually a cleric, druid or ranger. again, am very rusty for not playing in so long (life's been busy, ya know?) am 30 y/o and seeking players around the same age. enjoy your day.