View Full Version : One Geek to Another - Persistence versus Annoyance

09-24-2009, 03:09 AM
When it comes to achieving goals, persistence is often the key to success. Parable and proverb say that perseverance and dedication are as (if not more) important than skill or knowledge when it comes to accomplishing a task. The little engine that could, the tortoise that beat the hare, Aesop's stork with pebbles - examples of determination overcoming any adversity abound throughout modern and historic culture, and across the globe.

Certainly, persistence is a very good thing - at least until it's not.
Just ask anyone who's had their meal interrupted by a telemarketer who begs for "just a moment", been hounded across a car lot by a persistent salesman, or turned down an adamant admirer who just can't seem to take "Bug Off" for an answer.

Persistence is great, but being too dogged in your pursuit of your goals can make you come across as self-centered and rude. In some situations, this may be a perception you're willing to accept, for the sake of accomplishing your goal. But in others, especially in interpersonal situations, this may not only be an undesired side effect - it may actually prevent you from accomplishing your goal altogether.
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