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09-23-2009, 11:36 PM
Iím putting out a call for White Hats, Heroes, Investigators and Champions. This will be a Thursday Bi-weekly Buffy/Angel RPG game. I am looking for the structure of Buffy with a mood of Angel. Iíll be looking for a plucky rag tag bunch of characters aged 18-22 (with exceptions) going out on patrol to fight the things that go bump in the night, but also the dealing with the darker sides of themselves and human society.

Setting: The game will take place in May, 2003 Toledo, OH a blue collar city that had a great history as the home several cornerstones of industry and one of the largest ports in the world but has since seen decades of decay.

Game style: With Buffy/ Angel games I do run Episodic games with about 10-14 episode seasons.

What I need from the Players:
Iím pretty open to a wide range of character concepts. Humans, demons, robots, witches, man witches and more will be considered and most likely accepted. I will accept White Hats, Heroes, Investigators and Champions. Some characters I will want a well worked out concept before I give the ok. So it might be good to have two concepts in mind. I like detailed back stories because I will try to give each character their own episodes.

White Hats & Heroes: These are your kids and college students
Investigators & Champions: These are your professionals and adults.
Note: it is possible to be an 18 year old investigator/ champion depending on your concept.

Characters that need approval:
- Any Hero or Champion: These characters outshine white hats and investigators. They are clearly more powerful so they will stand out. I will only be looking for 1-3 heroes/champions depending on the number of players.
- Slayers
- Robots: ummm, just because they are robots.
- Totem Warriors (slayers handbook): I have nothing against Animal Spirit Infused monster hunters Iíd just like your character to have a good reason to be chosen since they kind of have their own setting.
- Any one with a Sorcery level higher then 2: You are into some pretty big mojo, Iíd like to know why.
- Demon builds worth more then 10 points: You are just getting pretty far away from normal.
- In control werewolves: Thatís just quite a story, why wouldnít you want it told in game.
- Characters outside the 18-22 age range: Not really a problem itís just Dawn and Conner were annoying. And the older generation has lived more life and should be more in the know. So Iíd like to and know about them a little more and be able to give them information that might have shaped their lives.
- Gypsy cursed or government chipped vampires need not apply

09-24-2009, 09:34 AM
I have interest. Can you talk about what kind of GM you'll be? How you run a game? Where the game will run at (the location we'll be sitting down in)?

09-24-2009, 10:56 AM
I have interest. Can you talk about what kind of GM you'll be? How you run a game? Where the game will run at (the location we'll be sitting down in)?

Well as to the gm question I'm not really sure how to answer except for the best gosh darn gm I can be. I will say that when it comes to buffy games, since the system is ridiculously simple and fast paced, I do go for a minimum of out of game chatter. I usually run a game for about 4 or 5 hours. With Buffy I do run episodic games. Each episode has a plot line and a season will be made up of a mix of monster of the week kind of episodes along with episodes that are part of an over arcing story line. Generally speaking I like to see an episode take no more than 2 sessions. The game will be at my buddy's apartment.... It's an apartment. It has walls, a floor, a couch, and chairs, oh and a ceiling. hope that helps. any more questions feel free to let me know.