View Full Version : Closed due to GM's inability to get RL to go away.

09-23-2009, 11:05 AM
I truly am starting to suspect that there is a other-worldly creature out there styming my every move and plan. I am strongly considering to disown my family, sell my house and move the wife and daughter and myself out to the middle of nowhere.

I can't keep dragging this out and as soon as I clear one obstacle, another leaps out at me. My most sincerest apologies, I was exicted by the number of people interested and thought this would be a great learning experience in playing online, but the demands on my time in real life have left me with no energy to even think of getting online when I get home at night. Additionally, the guilt of continually delaying is starting to bother me, so this whole thing is snowballing and I think it is best to end it.

I am going to ask a moderator how I should go about closing this entire PbP thread down.

Again, my apologies.