View Full Version : Looking for players & Co-DM for a Farmingville, NY Pathfinder Game

09-23-2009, 01:46 AM
Hello, my name is Jaime [Hi-may], and I am looking for two types of individuals for a fantasy genre RPG (players and co-DM/Iíll explain below), which might have the potential of becoming a hybrid genre of multiple scenarios.

I am running a campaign within a world of my own design called Halikar using Pathfinder/DnD 3.5 rules with some homebrewed additions. We meet weekends, Saturdays starting at 5-6PM and running until about 10pm, give or take an hour depending on group interest. Sometimes we play Sundays if Saturdays are difficult for some reason on a given weekend, but this is not the average scenario. We try to play week to week as often as possible, but every now and then we have a week break in between sessions.

The game has a good number of people, so it isnít as if we are in terrible need of players. However, I am interested in running a larger party. The focus of Halikar is not power-play or dungeon crawl, and we are pretty laidback about rules. But the world in general in fact involves a lot of politics and situations that deal with certain societal dilemmas, such as slavery, for example.

The world is pretty dark and cynical, and so it is often riddled with plenty of pessimism in terms of dealing with others; caution is often advised. Some people are vested in trying to change this atmosphere, and so this is where the bulk of the game sits; those who struggle to bring change versus those that get in the way, electing the status quo, personal agenda, or a bit of both.

There is action in the world, so I donít want to give off the impression that we are heavy role-players only. We are in fact pretty easy going and spend some of our time discussing topics that may not even be related to the game (donít misinterpret this as meaning we talk more than we play!), while we chow some pizza. I only note it because it goes to show that this campaign isnít just about the game, but about fomenting a certain level of fraternizing for the sake of meeting new friends.

As far as what I had begun saying (that I need two types of players), well the fact is that I am interested in players, yes, but I am also seeking a person who would like the idea of co-storytelling along with me during the game. This can be quite an experience and it can be a lot of fun for both DMs is done well; Iíve done it in the past.

Anyway, I hope there are some of you interested. E-mail me at Halikar@live.com or eltomate@gmail.com (whichever is fine), if you are interested in either role. Thanks are a have good one!