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09-18-2009, 04:10 PM
So this is a bit of an experiment. But I think it would be fun to sort of build the outline of a 4e D&D adventure. Everyone sort of contributes to overall plot, specific encounters, skill challenges (along with advice on how to run them).

We can structure them to be so people gain one, two, maybe even 3 levels. The point is to make them generic enough, that people can feed off of them, but structured enough to prevent staleness in the whole thing. In other words, make an adventure like what you would see printed by WOTC, but from our perspectives.

What I am looking for:

setup: bad guys are aware of adventurers, and are setting a trap.

creatures: 1 large or 2 medium brutes/soldiers on each side of party along with 1 or two artillery/controllers.

environmental factors: bridge/thin cooridor to prevent obvious escape and make sure the mages in the back are in the fray.

Suggestions: no side rail to encourage pull/push/slide or an "ice" bridge for automatic sliding

09-18-2009, 06:29 PM
I'm game to contribute. I am working on stuff right now for my own campaign. Always have lots of ideas I could share.

09-19-2009, 09:22 PM
So... we need to establish a setting(s) this adventure will take place AND a plot on why the players are involved.

Right now we have the spine of a encounter.

The Mountain Pass:
The PC's have transverse a mountain pass towards the entrance of the enemies cave lair.(A skill challenge) . They have been aware of the players progress for some time. The mountainside of the path is quite unstable, rubble and snow drifts have pebbled the players through their climb and any sudden attack can cause an avalanche.

The enemy is well versed in the mountains and has left a trail on the pathway obvious for the players to track. This gives them the false sense of security, thinking they may be able to sneak up on the enemy. In reality, they are being lead into an ambush and being followed. The path leads them to a ravine area where the pass continues to run parallel some 80 feet across.

The ambush has been set up at a bend that hides the front and flanking foes from view. An Artillery foe is stationed across the path, hidden by a boulder, ready to strike with a long ranged weapon or power. When the party makes its way into the trap set up, the artillery triggers an avalanche on the players.

This causes some of the PC's to be damaged and immobilized. The soldier/brutes then come on both sides. They have abilities that allow them to slide targets off the side of the pass off the mountain. The avalanche of snow and ice, if players remain in it, damages them per round.

During combat the terrain here is difficult for the PC's but not the monsters who are in their element. The difficult terrain does not prevent the monsters from sliding the PC targets but my hinder the PC's attempt to throw them over the ridge.

If things go badly for the monsters, they withdrawal and allow the artillery to cause another avalanche, smaller, but just as effective. If the monsters are routed they run off and lead the players into secondary traps they set up within 60 feet. The traps are triggered by ropes that they run through that cause more avalanches to be triggered behind them in a cascading effect (i.e. they out run them)