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09-17-2009, 01:20 PM
In this i will detail NPCs that have been/will be met by the players:

Sven-The NRI contact for the Group. A Twi'lek. Apparently has a meeting with Lady Kasa.

Malak-Leader of the agents sent to complete the mission which the players are being sent to get done. A former Stormtrooper, once a member of a sercet Stormtrooper Commando Squad.

Lady Jaina Kasa, Baroness of Dracor-A very wealthy noble, owner of the Queen of Empire through one of her companies, owns several important companies or has significant holdings in companies that provide weapons, ships, armorments to the Empire.

Colonel Jusc-The NRI agent who give the players their assignment. Currently the players are of suspicious of him thinking he is an Imperial Agent.

Vox-Lady Kasa's bodyguard.