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Richard Littles
09-17-2009, 07:10 AM
Heyas folks,

I finished creating up the last 4 teams. The last four teams just need their complications and biographical information to be done. Due to an error on my part one of the teams that was done prior is missing all the background/campaign info, so I've got 5 teams to fully finish. I ran into a slight stumbling block in this regard, so I put them on the back burner while I work on other sections.

I've gotten the cybernetics chapter one third of the way done. I've detailed both mechanical and biological replacement parts. Part of this are the are the rules covering damage and how it interacts with the cybernetics. Also included is how intense magnetic fields, as well as quantifying them, interact with cybernetics.The only parts left to do is write up the section on cyberspace, netrunners, and the fluff descriptions of the cybernetics themselves. It shouldn't take long to finish this chapter up. I plan on taking cyberspace in a different direction from what has already been presented in other cyberpunk rpgs.

After the chapter on cybernetics and cyberspace is finished I plan on working on the equipment and vehicles chapters. The only needing to be done with those chapters is the fluff descriptions for them and the weight of the equipment. Vehicle equipment will also need fluff descriptions as well as the appropriate references to The Ultimate Vehicle. This will only leave finishing up the GM's chapter and writing up sample spells for the Magick chapter.

One thing that is pressing is the need for more playtesters. At present there is only one other group interested in playtesting the material. If you're interested please sign up here (http://d-3games.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=947). The more people we have reviewing the book the more we get an understanding of what needs to be changed via using feedback.

Richard Littles
Lead Developer of Inceptum Terminus: Chronicles of the New Confederation