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09-14-2009, 09:51 PM
0. Name. Echo Station

1. Core Sentence. Echo Station is the headquarters for a group of superpowered Earth heroes who fight in an interplanetary war against invading superhumanoids, eldritch entities, and starships while trying to keep the peace among their own human and nonhuman Earth allies.

2. Who are the heroes? Players will construct a heroic man or woman with superhuman powers. Maybe a superpowerful humanoid from Atlantis or a subterranean city, maybe a sorcerer or figure from myth, maybe a two-fisted detective with powers as an ace up the sleeve. These are superHEROES, not super-thugs or super-vandals, men and women with lives of their own who disrupt their lives for the greater good of their planet.

3. What do they do? Heroes fight against both earthly and otherworldly supervillains and monsters, both those of the enemy and those of their restless political allies on Earth. In their civilian lives, they cope with their own personal dreams and difficulties.

4. Threats, Conflicts, Villains: In addition to the invaders, threats might include superpowered criminals, ordinary villains of great political or economic power, entities of mystic evil, and forces from beyond the moon and beneath the waves. Then there are the occasional corrupt politicians and police officers infesting the legitimate governmental and legal powers.

Other conflicts include interpersonal and personal quandaries.

5. Inspirations: The alien forces of Macross and Battlestar: Galactica and Cthulhu in Space. The recent films about Spider-Man, The Batman, Superman, and Iron Man -- and a little about G. I. Joe. The recent rebirth of the public domain Golden Age figures in Project: Superpowers and The Twelve and the earlier rebirth with Justice Society. The original heroes, such as The Green Llama, The Black Terror, Pyro-Man, The Fly, The Shield, and Doctor Fate. And maybe just a touch of the uncertainty of The Watchmen.

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