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09-14-2009, 09:24 AM
I'm looking to recruit some additional players for the old-school D&D game I've been running at my apartment in Arlington, VA. This is a 1st Edition AD&D campaign (with some house rules, of course) already in progress with several sessions completed. It is set in Greyhawk (post-Wars) and is intended to be a long-running campaign. Characters have just reached second level. The story arc is one of my own making, but I might drop in some side treks here and there.

I'm considering switching the edition to 2nd ed. AD&D or Castles & Crusades in the future, but a final decision hasn't been made yet about that.

Due to players' varying schedules, a regular meeting time is difficult to nail down, so we schedule sessions as we go. So far we've been meeting on one or two Friday evenings a month, but sessions could be held on Saturdays or Sundays from time to time.

I have a web site for old-school D&D in general, and a forum for our game. The site is at http://www.osdnd.org (http://www.osdnd.org/), and the forum is at http://www.osdnd.org/forums.

If interested, the best thing to do is register with the forum. If not that, just reply here.

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01-25-2014, 07:48 PM
Interested in joining a game with a group that wont get bent out of shape if a day is missed here and there ( my days off are fri and sat so thursday night is my friday night) I grew up on AD&D and later grew into 3rd edition. I have quite a bit of rust on me but id love to take up playing again. I have manuals/dice/minis. Looking for a group of normal working guys around my age (30) for some good beer and better gaming, let me know