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09-13-2009, 03:26 PM
After our first round of combat, I decided that it can probably run a little bit more smoothly. Any idears or comments you have based off of how it went or what you might like to see instead of how it went. You should all have a PM sitting in your inbox with 2 ideas I had, but this will open up a group discussion for us.

09-22-2009, 11:39 AM

Prerequisites: Base attack bonus +1 or higher.
Benefit: You gain a +1 bonus with ranged attack checks and damage against targets within Close Quarters Range (Beyond Reach, up to 30 ft.). Further, when you hold a readied ranged weapon, you gain a +2 gear bonus with skill checks made as part of a Threaten action. Finally, you don't suffer the -4 penalty and your error range does not increase when making a ranged attack out of melee.

Prerequisites: Base attack bonus +1 or higher.
Benefit: Each time you take an Aim action, you may also Brace as a free action. Further, you may take a Brace action even when no obvious surface is available to brace against. Finally, you suffer only a -1 penalty with Reflex saves while braced instead of the standard -4.

I aim with my hand.
Benefit: All black powder sidearms on your person are considered armed at all times. Also, you gain a stance.
Zeroed In (Stance): Opponent's who haven't moved since your Initiative Count last round are denied their Dexterity bonus to Defense against your ranged attacks.

I shoot with my mind.
Prerequisites: Gunslinger Basics
Benefit: Once per round you may Threaten an opponent that you've hit with a sidearm this round as a free action. You suffer a -4 penalty with the Intimidate check. Also, you gain a trick.
Flaunted Shot (Sidearm Trick): You may substitute your Impress (Wis) bonus for your ranged attack bonus. If the attack misses you become flat-footed at the end of your Initiative Count. You may use this trick as many times per combat as you have Ranged Combat feats.

I kill with my heart.
Prerequisites: Gunslinger Mastery
Benefit: Your Dexterity score rises by 1. Also, you gain a trick.
Sloth Slaying (Sidearm Trick): If the target is a standard character with a lower Dexterity score than yours, he immediately falls his Damage save (damage isn't rolled). You may use this trick once per round.

1 Half Action * Initiative Action
If the character can brace his firearm against a stable surface, he may choose one 90 degree cone facing out from his current position. So long as the character does not move, he gains a +1 bonus with all Standard Attack checks made against any target within the chosen area. The entire time a character braces, he suffers a -4 penalty with Reflex saves.

09-22-2009, 09:47 PM
I will post up in combat tomorrow. Sorry for the delay

09-26-2009, 01:00 AM
Some thoughts I've had after our first combat.

1. Go ahead and roll damage at the same time as the attack. If you miss, then the damage isn't applied. If you hit and are using the forum roller, then you have to go back and reroll or add another post just to get damage and that can cause that dice rolling history to fill up quickly.

2. I think it'll be easier for others to post based off of what happened on someone else's turn with the way that Damage Saves and standard NPCs work that I'll add a little 'GM's note' on your post after attack and damage is rolled on whether or not the NPC dies/gets knocked out/wets him (or her)self/etc.

3. In the case of Bad Guys going in the middle of the initiative order, we can have the first batch of Good Guys post regularly, then I'll post for the Bad Guys, then the slower Good Guys can post based off of what happened there, but I'll still wait until Sunday/Thursday to post Round Summaries and advance the combat round to the next one.

Everyone like these ideas? Comments?

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