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09-12-2009, 04:16 PM

I have been attempting to pull together a gaming group for a few months now. Me and the current two (possibly three) players are hoping to finally get things off the ground.

I am still a relatively new DM, having only run my homebrewed world and it's cosmology for about eight months bi-weekly. However, I desire to improve as a DM, and frequent gaming forums trying to learn what I can.

My homebrewed campaign world and it's cosmology are a sandbox style world, and I try my best to run a sandbox style game. In other words, instead of the standard A to B to C progression of a module-like adventure/campaign a sandbox style game does not revolve around the PCs. Instead it's a rolled with plothooks happening all around, whether the PCs choose to act on them or not. And goals are completely set by the PCs/players themselves.

I have spent quite a bit of time working on my homebrewed setting and cosmology, and am ever working on it's website:

There you can find various information, options, and my houserules.

In addition, I am beginning to map the entire world out using Fractal Mapper 8.

Note that it is a low-magic, and low-wealth game, and I desire for it to focus more on the "epic journey"of the characters rather than a random hack-and-slash dungeon. But again, it's for the PCs/players to choose the direction they head.

Anyway, if anyone is interested please PM, or email me at: celestial.dragon@gmail.com

We are currently being hosted at the meeting room of the two players' apartment complex, but we hope to find something more permanent in the near future.

If possible, perhaps even something closer to Kissimmee.

We currently have no set date, since the group idoes not have a full number of members. Therefore if you are one of the first to join the schedule can be centered around your needs. I am currently a college student, so I can do any date.

In addition, if there are any DMs who wish to run I have no problem stepping back. Plus a backup DM is always a good thing. I enjoy both DMing and running, so either way would work for me. The other players are happy to merely play.

12-01-2009, 02:04 PM
I just figured I would give an update on this campaign.

We are up to three regular players, and a fourth who can make it when he can.

The campaign has so far been doing well for months, and things are looking good. :)

The website has also steadily grown.

All those looking for a fun game full of friendly and nice people please feel free to message me. I would love to hear from you.